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Depends....while out on bail, yes. From prison, some prisons have an education program linked to various colleges. If you go to a county jail...probably not, but again, it depends on the jail....better yet, don't do the crime...see how simple that was. That decision would be made by the college administration not by the legal system. If the conviction relates to a crime against a person(s) it is not likely the student would be allowed to remain.

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Does child support continue in college in Pennsylvania?

Yes, as long as the student remains in college.

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You can get student loan/ scholarship through your college and also from banks as well. There are some organization working for student welfare provides student funds for their study to be continue.

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If an undergraduate can actually continue to go to higher education college even long after he or she has defaulted on student loans within NY State or anywhere within the country?

If they can pay for the total cost of college who can stop a persistent student. Now here's a question for you. can you afford to pay for the total cost of college?

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Can a college student file for child support?

No. A parent must file for a child support order. In some states the order will continue while the child is in college. See related question.

grant for college for adult with adhd?

grant for college for student with adhd college grant for student with disabilities

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When was College Student Alliance created?

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Should you continue contributing to a 529 plan when a student is in college?

If the student has financed part or all of college with a loan that doesn't accrue interest until after they graduate, such as a Perkins or subsidized Stafford Loan, and you have a reasonable expectation that the 529 will continue to grow tax free and/or you are getting a tax benefit, then yes. At graduation, the student will apply those funds to the loan. Granted, we aren't talking about large gains here and there are a lot of "ifs" in this answer.

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Yes. They may obtain student visas, and attend college in this manner.

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Are cadets in the Pennsylvania state police academy allowed to have contact with people from home?

Absolutely - they're in an academy - not a prison ! It's like asking if a college student in a dormitory is allowed to write to or phone their parents !

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There technically is no average yearly salary for a college student because a student is generally not paid to attend college. The student might obtain a job while in college and could make 20,000 dollars or more per year.

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A college connection participant is a high school student that is working with a college. It makes the transition from high school to college easier on the student.

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. What are the most important things that your college is looking for in a student

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