If a condom tears can you take a contreceptive pill for not getting pregnant?


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If the condom tears, using emergency contraception can reduce the risk of pregnancy. See "related question" for options. A single Birth Control pill will not work for this purpose.

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It is not easy to become pregnant while wearing a condom. You cannot become pregnant while wearing a condom unless the condom rips, tears or falls off during intercourse.

yes,you can get pregnent if it doesn't have a hole.

The condom is 100% safe at preventing pregnancy providing it does not fall off, there are no holes or tears in the condom and that the condom remains on the whole time during intercourse.

Hi,Your question is:Ways of getting pregnant with the condom on?You can become pregnant when using a condom if the following should occur:* Condom falls off* Condom rips or tears* Condom has any holes in it.Aaah That Happend To Meh And My Ex-Girl Friend Jenny ,, We Were Happily Bangin When Suddenly She Pulled me Into Her Even More She Started Sayin Hardder Hardder .. I Did ,, The Condom fell off , She Got Pregnant ,, The Condom Was Still In Side Of Her Though ,, She Had A Termination Because We Broke Up Threw All The Arguements About Who's Fault It Was ,, We Got back together ,, The Same Kind Of Thing Hapend But We Were So Drunk We Forgot The Condom ,, Now We Have Split Up And She Had Another Termination ! So Guyz Be careful out there x

Well, the common statistic for pregnancy while using a condom (excluding breaks and tears) is about 2-4%. So probably a little less than that.

Condoms, like all forms of birth control, are never 100% effective. They can break, have microscopic tears or be used wrongly. So yes, you can get pregnant if you use a condom, but the chances are low.

well... Yes, only if a lot of his sperm{nut} comes out, or the condom tears. Other than that, if you wear a condom you cant get pregnant! Or if he does something stupid like put it on wrong. Friction will cause it to tear. -BriAnna Cooper

It sounds like you may of had a ripped condom. Before you use a condom blow it up and look at it carefully for any tears or holes. If you see any don't use the condom.

it is pregnant to male tears.

The only 100% sure way of not conceiving is not to have sex or to have a hysterectomy - even getting your tubes tied is not 100%.If you are using condoms every time you have sex and taking your BCP everyday as directed - you are doing everything humanly possible not to get pregnant. Using a condom with spermicide offers even more protection when used a directed to help reduce the risk of pregnancy in case a condom tears or comes off in the vagina. So keep on doing what you are doing - the odds are in your favor, that you will not get pregnant until you decide you want to have a baby.

If there is no holes or tears in the condom then it is very effective.

Same way pregnancy can happen with a condom on: sharing fluids prior to putting condom on, leakage of fluids with condom, tears/holes in condom, to name a few. Condoms do a good job at lowering the risk of spreading chlamydia, but they're not perfect, even when used perfectly.

You can never tell 100% if the condom is going to break. The best thing to do would be to blow up the condom before you use it and look for any holes, tears, rips or patches on the condom which look weaker than other parts. If you find any of these then don't use the condom.

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There are a few ways to check to make sure a condom is still usable and effective. The best method to check condom is to use the pillow test. Always open the package at the top to avoid tears.

If used properly, a condom forms a physical barrier between the penis and the other person's body.This means that bacteria, viruses, semen, etc cannot pass between the penis and the other person's body.Using them properly includes no physical contact before the condom is put on, making sure there are no leaks or tears, and correctly removing and disposing of the condom after use, and no physical contact after the condom has been removed.

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If there is even a doubt in your mind: buy fresh condoms. The risk of a condom breaking is not worth it.If you cannot afford them, you can get free condoms from most any college health clinic, family planning clinic, or community free clinic.Make sure you store your condoms at room temperature somewhere out of direct sunlight. Your pockets or a wallet is not a good place to store a condom for long.

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