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No, because eventually our country will suffer from it's own economic problems because of the influx of Immigration. Of course, this is only a political opinion. Take Mexico for instance, their country has it's own problems and for whatever reason, people are dying to cross the border (litterally - you have probably heard about people drowning in the Rio Grande to get here or starving in the desert). Once these immigrants enter our country, they use our system to support themselves (food stamps, welfare) which causes a tax raise for legal citizens. There are many who manage to make a living without using our system. If immigrants can prove they would be useful to our economy (for example: they have a marketable trade which can be used to better us), then it could be an exeption. Educated immigrants would be helpful to our economy and therefor should be welcomed. I also think immigrants who come to America for educational purposes and complete their schooling should become legal citizens. Education is important and it would reduce the chances that they would take advantage of the system. If the foreign nationals apply for entry and the United States can verify that they are not criminals and that they have skills that will benefit the United States and enough money to return home if things don't work out, they should be allowed to come here and determine if this is where they want to live. It should require learning the language and customs and it should require compliance with the law.

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Q: If a country is having economic problems should the United States allow its residents to come here for a better life?
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