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Yes. Once a contract has been defaulted on, the creditor has no legal obligation to accept any payment other than that which was agreed on in the original contract or subsequent agreement.

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Q: If a creditor sends your payment back to you do you still owe the debt?
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What is a back payment?

A back payment is an overdue payment from a debtor to a creditor on money owed.

What to do if you mortgage holder sends your payment back and because they did it puts you in foreclosure?

get an attorney.

Are you responsible for payment if after using a credit card but the creditor never sent a statement?

if you ignore your obligation, it will eventually come back to haunt you

Does your ex still cares if he sends mixed signals?

Yes, because he wants you back!!!!

Can you drop off a motorcycle at the dealer if the creditor wont take it back?

If the creditor will not take it back in lieu of the money owed then you need to sale the bike and pay them their money. Unless the dealer is willing to buy the motorcycle you will still owe the money. Not every creditor will do a voluntary repossession.

What is difference between auto data entry and manual data entry?

This is from my experience in Remittance processing or Payment processing - A company sends a statement for payment to a customer, the customer in turn sends back statement with payment for credit to their account. The statement has scan line that has OCR characters with the customers account number and amount of payment due that is readable by a data entry machine. When the customer sends payment that matches the amount due exactly, those payments can be processed by machine as an automatic entry reading from the scan line and without having to be keyed manually key entered on a ten key pad by an operator. These payments are processed in batches. Manual entry is when a customer sends a payment that is different from the amount due on the statement, an operator has to manually enter that payment into the data entry machine using a ten key pad. These payments are also processes in batches.

If you have paid a payment and the finance company accepted it but still sent the repo man for your car can you get your last payment back?

NO, you owed it, you sent it in and its gone now. sorri

If you owe back taxes and are on a payment plan will you still get your federal income tax return?

efiled for2011 but owe back taxes from 2009..payment plan is due august 2011..can the back taxes be deducted from payment estimated to be directly deposited by july 4 2012 without delaying deposit?

If you pay the same bill twice using your debit card can you get your money back?

yes you can, if there are no outstanding payments. otherwise, your creditor might apply the second payment towards the outstanding debt. that is the easy way out for them.

Why can't you get a detail Billing statement from a collection agency?

You can, but not directly from them. The debt collector is the agent of the original creditor and does not likely have all records of the debt or contract. The collector, as the agent of the creditor can go back to the creditor and request a reconciliation of payments and history, and will in fact be required to so that it van be verified if you notify the collector in writing that the debt is invalid due to payment or some other reason.

If a car has a lien placed on it prior to bankruptcy being filed do you get the title back when the bankruptcy is completed?

It really depends on the type of bankruptcy petition you file. If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy the creditor who put the lien on your car may be able to take your vehicle. If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy you'll have the opportunity to make payment arrangements with your creditor and in that case you should get the title back after all of your payments are made and your amended. contract with the creditor has been fulfilled.

What does it mean when an appellate court sends a case back to the trial court?

apelleate court sends a case back to the trial court

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