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Assuming you're working and your credit is decent, there should be no problem. Your record should be clear.

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Can you leave home at 16 and move to another state without getting in trouble?

Not without parental permission. And you will not be able to rent a room or apartment at 16, you have to be an adult.

Class e felony for driving without a license plus you are on 5 years probation will this charge stay on your record for life its been 4 years?

The criminal offense for which you are serving the sentence of probation will always remain on your criminal history record, unless expunged. Your drivers license violation will always remain on your drivers record. Your drivers record is PERMANENT record and cannot be expunged.

Can an apartment with no kitchen be an apartment?

I Think No Because Without Kitchen There Can't make Food.Kitchen is Immportant and without it it can't be a apartament.

Can you move out of your house in Kentucky at the age of 17 and move into an apartment with your boyfriend who is 18 without getting into trouble?

If you are within 5 months of turning 18 you can move out and your parnets can't do nothing about it.

Can you get your record expunged without paying for your fines?

If you get a ticket for crossing a rail train, is this will appear on your record

Can you get a apartment at 16?

In the Sims 2? In the Sims 2 Apartment Life you cannot get an apartment as a Teen without hacks or mods. By 16 do you mean teen?

Can you get an apartment when your 17?

Not without a co-signer for a lease.

Do you lose your furniture if you don't move it from your Yoville apartment into your inventory BEFORE you buy a house?

No I have bought houses without moving any furniture out of my apartment without problems

Can someone above you in your apartment building legally take pictures of your balcony to try and get you in trouble with management about your dog?

No, an induvidual can not photograph/videotape you without your concent on privet property. If this action occurs, you can pursure legal actions.

How can you chat online without getting in trouble?

You can get skype and you can chat without getting in trouble or YOU NEED TO GET A FACEBOOK BADLY IF YOU ARE READING THIS=)

How do you get a violent offender charge changed to non violent?

you don't without getting the charge overturned and the record expunged

Can a former employer in North Carolina send your 10 year file to an unemployment hearing officer which included criminal charges long expunged from your record?

The use of expunged records, with/without conviction of the accused, will be tantamount to using evidence that does not exist.If the giver of such evidence is unawares that it was expunged, it is the duty of the defendant to point it out. The court has to strike the evidence so presented off the record.If on the other hand, the evidence is purposefully given, with knowledge of the expunging and the knowledge can be proved, the giver can be liable to being accused of concocting evidence, defamation, misusing due process and purposefully misleading the court.Added: If the criminal records you cite existed from BEFORE you had them expunged, the employer may not be liable for anything. The expunction law only guarantees that the PUBLIC records (available via the government) will be expunged. Unless you served the employer with a copy of the expunction order, how could they have possibly known of it. There is no way the government can control any copies of your records which may possibly exist in private hands from prior to the expunction date.

What is a sentence for trouble?

Trouble always finds me. Everyone wants a life without troubles.

what jobs can you get with a expunged record?

You'd still be limited to whatever jobs you'd be eligible for without an expunged record. An expungement does not relieve you of the conviction - it only makes it less accessible to the general public. It'll still show up on a background check.

Can a person stay in your apartment without paying if you are prohibited from subleasing?

Only if you let them!! If a person has been staying in your apartment you can evict him yourself if he is not part of your lease.

What happens if you get caught smoking marijuana?

it depends on where you are if you live in a medical state and your caught without a prescription your in big trouble, in decriminalized states like MA you get fined in the other states you will get a criminal trial then let out a rapist to arrest you

Is there a penalty for marrying a person in one state while still married to someone else in another state?

Yes. There are criminal penalties for a person who knowingly marries again without divorcing their spouse.Yes. There are criminal penalties for a person who knowingly marries again without divorcing their spouse.Yes. There are criminal penalties for a person who knowingly marries again without divorcing their spouse.Yes. There are criminal penalties for a person who knowingly marries again without divorcing their spouse.

If your car is towed from an apartment complex to a towers lot and then you go and take your care back without paying the tow fee is there any way you could get in serious trouble?

If you were found out, I would say a lot of trouble, but depending if they take it to court or not. I would say you would still have to pay the tow fee, and probably then some depending on the company.

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