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In short no. The reason a submerged body wil float is because of the gasses created by bacteria as they degrade the organic matter. Once tha body has been enbalmed it will not rot, the bacteria will not act on it and thus not create the gasses.

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Do gasses float in air?

yes...the gas particles float and mix with oxygen paricles, which float in the air :)

Why does a corpse float in water?

gasses generated by decay

Would a 400 pound man float in a tank of water?

Not only would he float, but it would be virtually impossible for him to completely submerge on his own power.

Will a person float after drowning?

After decomposing for a while the body builds up gasses that cause the body to float.

Why does a goldfish float when it is dead?

The bacteria decomposing it create gasses.

Do dead bodies float on water because of decomposition?

Sort of, its the gasses produced by those bacteria that makes it float.

How can aluminum foil float in water?

A thin aluminum foil can float on water if placed carefully flat on the surface because of the surface tension of water. If you were to submerge it, the foil will sink.

Why does the submarine float and submerge in water?

Submarines must be able to float to load and offload crew and cargo and to have repairs and maintenance. They are designed to submerge either for underwater exploration or to pass undetected by ships at the surface and planes and satellites above.

Why do dead fish sink first than float on water?

When fish first die, they sink because they cannot use their swim bladder to 'float' anymore. Then, gasses in the fish's body (that build inside of them during decomposition) make it lighter, and so the fish floats.

How the ship floats on sea?

Displacement - the ship displaces an amount of water equal to its weight. Provided that this dowes not submerge the vessel, it will float.

If you want to make an object float in a liquid what must you do?

Put it in a bowl or tank.. then submerge it in water/liquid.. If it floats.. You succeed, if not.. Then you are a epic fail..

Gases that will float in air?

Air is composed mostly of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide, the most common gasses that will "float in air" are hydrogen and helium (which is used in balloons), however, methane and ammonia also "float in air."

Why do dead body floats on surface of water after some days?

When something dies, gasses are released by the body. These gasses collect and cause the body to swell, and if the body is in the water, they cause it to float.

Do fish float to the top of the water when they die?

Sometimes they do. The decomposition process may sometimes produce gasses which become trapped in the body/flesh/frame of the fish and cause it to float.

Why do dead people float?

After death, the organisms/bacteria within the body will metabolise and multiply, producing lots of gas in the process. Most of this gas is unable to escape, so the body expand and float from all of the gasses present. The body will then sink again once it has decayed enough to allow the gasses to escape.

Can a plactic boat float?

Yes, they even build boats out of concrete!

Where does the ability of an object to float or submerge in water depends on?

ability of an object to float or submerge depends upon the density of the object and on the density of the liquid in which it is submerged if the density of an object is greater than the density of the liquid then the object submerges in the liquid and when its density is less than the density of liquid then it floats on the liquid as in submarines when it takes water in its hollow tank its density increases and it submerges and when it pushes out water from its hollow tanks its density decreases and ot floats on water

Why does pumice float?

Pumice is full of holes called vesicles formed from gasses escaping the molten rock. The holes greatly reduce its density.

DO ALL Igneous rocks sink?

No, pumice, a frothy lava containing pockets of air or gasses, is often very light and will float on water.

What do eggs float on provide a video?

This is not YouTube. We don't have videos, so you'll have to go to YouTube to see a video on eggs floating.

The ability of matter to float in a liquid or gas?

Density water having a density of 1.00 anything .99 or below will float and anything above will sink same scenario for oxygen and gasses for example helium has a lighter density than oxygen and that's why helium filled balloons float

Why the dead body float on water?

Gases that are lighter than the water build up in a dead body after several days, causing it to eventually float.

Does a Lego boat float?

Are you talking about the premade shells or the ones you build yourself? The premade shells do float, although they leak slightly. The sets might or might not float (depends on the set) but i would bet the pirate ship at the very least is top heavy. As for the ones you build yourself, as long as you make the surface area of the hull reasonably large, it should float fine.

Why man floats in the surface of water after death?

As the body decomposes, it releases gasses from the inside almost like a ballooning effect causing the body to "float".

How do you build a boat out of any kind of metal and will float?

by making a boat that floats! XD