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A dealer can not repo the vehicle. The dealer can howecer sue you to get the down payment money if he can prove you owe it.

2006-07-14 03:48:28
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How do you cancel your Spotify account?

If you have a free account you can just ignore it. If you have a Premium account and wish to cancel payments then you need to login to and visit the your subscription page from which you can click on "Go to the cancellation page" and continue to cancel the recurring payments.

How do you cancel Habbo call payments?

sorry to say but you cant

Do you get a refund if you cancel homeowners insurance?

Yes, if you cancel your home insurance policy mid term you would be entitled to the unearned portion of your premium payments.

What happens to the payments you have already made if you need cancel your policy?

Your policy contract will state what happens to your payments if you cancel. In the worst case you may not be able to cancel in the best case you will have to pay pro- rata for the length of time you policy has run + a cancellation fee + an administration fee. Please understand in many cases the payments are to a finance company (who payed the upfront insurance premium to the insurer) and in this case the payments are NOT linked to the policy - you can't just stop paying - in effect you took out a loan.

How can you cancel your student loans?

I dont think you can cancel them best bet is to pay $50 a month ....if you dont make any payments they will hunt you like a dog lol

How do you take off membership on fight my monster?

If you have paid by Paypal as a recurring payment then you can cancel it through Paypal - go into your Profile and you can find a list of recurring payments and cancel it from there.

How can you cancel car booking?

Visit the booking page and cancel online. It is very simple to cancel booked car, you may not get full amount. The service charges will be deducted.

How do you stop companies from withdrawing money from your bank account?

cancel your account and transfer money to a different account with a different bank.. and send a letter to the old bank that notifies them to stop all automatic transactions..

If she decided to cancel her visa Will she be able to get refund for all the payments she made in processing H1B visa issued to her by US?

Probably not.

Can you cancel payments without your card?

Certainly. Simply contact your bank with the details of the payment you want to stop - and they'll do the rest !

Can a car dealership cancel a purchase?

A car dealership can cancel a purchase if they haven't received the right amount of money to honor the contract. Otherwise, they can't cancel a contract that has already been signed.

How do i cancel the first and all payments to be debited from my account?

Call and send a cacellation letter to debitor, and or get a new account number from bank.

Will orchard bank let you make online payments?

Yes, Orchard Bank offers an online payment service called Online Bill Pay Service. You can update and cancel payments and even get email notifications.

How many hours before can cancel train ticket?

Even you missed your train, you can cancel the ticket. But you will get a little amount like about 30% of your train ticket fare. Generally If you cancel your ticket before preparation of final chart you will be charge a little cancellation charge, so Its better to cancel ticket before preparation of final chart to get more amount back.Source -

How do i delete VIP on Movie Star Planet?

Click settings on the top right hand corner of the screen. Click it and a pop up menu should appear, click on 'My Payments' (second from the bottom) then it should take you to another pop up menu and on the top right hand corner somewhere should be a 'Cancel recurring payments' (something like that anyway). click on that, then it should take you to another pop up page/menu and at the bottom of that pop up page there are two options one that says 'Yes,I'd like to keep my recurring payments' that one is shaded pink but the other one says 'No,I'd like to cancel recurring payments' which is shaded grey. click on the grey one if you are 100% sure you want to cancel payments. Hope I helped :).

What to write in letter if anyone want to cancel the demand draft?

You write your DD Number, the amount, the person on whom you drew the DD and the reason why you want to cancel the DD.

What do you do when the bank tells you they will cancel your arranged payment on a car loan account?

== Arranged payments== In my experience they will repo your car, if you dont make other arrangements.

How do you cancel your Snap fitness membership?

Snap Fitness membership can be cancelled at the website or by calling customer service. If payments are made by automatic transfer be aware that they require a 30 day notice of cancellation. If your membership automatically renews on the 15th of the month and you cancel on the 10th, you will still be billed for another 30 days (this is regardless of when you cancel).

Can the person who used there credit card cancel your car insurance or is that only the policy holder that can do this?

The person who is the policyholder is the only one who can request a cancellation of the policy. If however, payments are being made monthly or quarterly to a credit card they can stop the payments and the policy will cancel for non-payment. You will receive a notice of cancellation and have the opportunity to change to a different form of payment to keep the policy in force.

Can a credit card company take money out of your account without an electronic signature and without your approval even if you cancel the transaction?

Generally, no, unless you cancel the transaction after the fact. If you have made a payment to the credit card company and cancel after the time the transaction was made, yes, the credit card company may take money out of your checking/savings account. If you made some mistake when using your credit card which resulted in a fee or finance charge, the credit card company may put that amount on your credit card bill but may not take the amount out of your checking/savings account unless you specifically ask them to. If you have automatic payments set up, the credit card company may honor those instructions until you send them a WRITTEN request to change the setup. Most card companies allow you to bypass the written component and change automatic payments online.

Can you get short term auto insurance in the US?

You can always cancel your policy and you will be reimbursed the pro-rated amount.

Can a landlord cancel our lease?

He could, if you violate your agreement. Also, there is often a provision that, with a certain amount of notice, that the lease would end sooner or not be renewed. If it is not your fault, the best thing is to try to take the news with grace and hope for some leeway in rent payments so you can afford to move to the next place.

Can a bank still repossess your car if they said they would cancel it and you have made payment arrangements to get current?

If you continue to make payments as agreed, on time, you should be safe from repossession.

How do you reduce drug metabolites in urine?

Take the same amount of another drug. The traces will cancel each other out.

What is the future tense of cancel?

The future tense of cancel is will cancel.