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You submit the claim to your insurance company and they should send the check to you minus your deductible. If there is a lien on the car, the check will go to either the shop that does the repairs. If the repairs are not made the check may be made to the lender AND the owner or only to the lender. The named insured on the policy and the loss payee if there is one.

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Q: If a deer hit your car and you have full coverage who does the insurance agency send the check to?
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Does car insurance cover you if a deer hits you?

Answer it will if you have full accident insurance Answer only if you have full coverage. Actually, it depends on whether or not the deer was in a pedestrian crosswalk. If it was, then your insurance will cover you as stated. However, if the deer was not in a crosswalk, then the deer's insurance will be liable.

Is it a state law in Florida that your insurance company must provide a rental car after an accidentif you have full coverage insurance and hit a deer?

No. By "full coverage," I assume you mean you have comprehensive and collision coverage. This does not include rental. You have to buy a special endorsement on your policy to get rental. Hitting a deer is a comprehensive claim and if you have rental, you will get a rental if the car is non-drivable or when it is in the shops for the repairs. If you did not buy rental, the insurance company does not have to pay. Check your coverages.

If you hit a deer and your car was damaged and you were injured what coverage will your car insurance provide?

Depends on your coverage, if you have the state minimum then you are SOL.

Does uninsured motorist insurance pay if you hit a deer?

Uninsured motorist covers you in the case you are in an accident with another driver that does not have insurance. Comprehensive coverage is what will pay when you hit a deer.

Can you sue the state for hitting a deer your car is total and your insurance will not pay?

You are required by law to have liabilty coverage, but not collision coverage. If you did not have collision coverage then you are not due any compensation by your insurance company. If you did have collision insurance and the insurance company will not pay, then you may be able to sue the insurance company, but you cannot sue the state.

Will liability insurance cover you if you hit a deer?

Deer Collision No. Liability insurance is triggered when you are at-fault for an accident. It's used to pay for the damage you cause to someone else's property, not your own. A deer hit would fall under comprehensive coverage, and isn't considered an at-fault loss. In some states, collisions with wildlife are covered by the state. Check with your insurance agent.

If another person is driving your car with consent and swerves to miss a deer but lands in ditch and damages the car who is liable?

typcially the insurance stays with the car....if you have collision coverage (if no actual contact with the deer would be collision rather than comprehensive coverage), your insurance would most states if there is no collision coverage on the vehicle, but the driver has a vehicle that has the needed coverage it would then apply.........

Will allstate liability insurnace cover you if you hit a deer?

Comprehensive coverage will usually cover you if you hit a deer. Coverage may be optionally covered under comprehensive or collision in some states. If you do not actually hit the deer and have a collision, it would only be covered under collision insurance.

Whose insurance company pays if you let your friend borrow your car and they hit a deer with it?

The insurance follows the vehicle so your own insurance company would be primary. However, if you don't carry the comprehensive coverage on your own policy and your friend has a vehicle with comprehensive coverage, his coverage would be secondary and pay for the damages.

What do you do after hitting deer in Washington state car damage?

If you have full coverage then you just call your insurer and report the accident. If you just have liability then your on your own. The deer likely has no insurance.

Will your insurance go up if you hit a deer?

No, it is covered under your comprehensive coverage and will not affect future rates. If the deer was alive when and moving when you hit it, you're fine.

You were on the freeway The car in front of you hit a deer and the deer flew under your car damaging the front and back bumper you have full coverage Will insurance cover the damages in Ohio?

I don't know that specific answer but I do know from personal experience as a tow truck driver in Ohio that if you hit a deer and want to keep the deer meat that unless you get a tag from the dept of fish and game for that deer ( I think its called a waiver tag for misc. use but don't quote me on that) the insurance co. will not pay the claim. For example you hit a deer and you have full coverage, if you claim the deer meat without that tag( which you have the right to do but i would not recommend it) the insurance co. WILL leave you high and dry. Hope this helps.

Will liability insurance cover deer damages for state farm?

Liabilty will not cover damage from a collision with a deer no matter what insurance company you have. Animal collisions are covered under "Comprehensive" or "Other Than Collision" coverage. Liability only covers damage you do when you are at fault.

Will no fault insurance cover hitting a deer?

If you have Personal Injury Protection coverage on your policy and you are injured after striking an animal it should apply to your injuries. You must have "Other than Collision coverage" for the damage to your vehicle.

Does the state of Minnesota cover collisions with wildlife?

Assuming you are asking about insurance, coverage would be determined by your insurance company, not the State of Minnesota. The State of Minnesota will not pay for damage to your car if you hit a deer.

Do you need full coverage auto insurance in Alabama when deer crashes into your auto for repairs?

This would be covered by the collision part of the policy.

What happens if I have no collision coverage but hit a deer?

Then you are in luck !! If you have comprehensive coverage, because that is the coverage that covers an animal hit.

Does Utah state farm coverage cover collisions with deer?

If you have collision coverage, then it should.

Does collision insurance cover hitting a dead deer in the road?

We hit a dead deer once and then at another time a deer ran into the side of our van. Our insurance covered the damage but our deductable still applied. However, it was not a 'charged' accident and it did not affect our rates...Different company than this one but it appeared as this was the industry policy.... Hope this helps....... It would be unusual for someone to have collision coverage without comprehensive coverage and one or the other would apply depending on the exact wording of the policy.

Who's auto insurance company will cover car damage if you hit a deer while driving another person's car?

In the US the insurance follows the vehicle, therefore the owners auto insurance will cover the damage as long as they have comprehensive (Other than collision) coverage. If they don't have coverage it comes out of someone's pocket. Another note is that insurance companies don't like it when you loan your vehicle to people not listed on the policy as a driver.

If you dodge a deer and wreck your car does your insurance cover you?

If you hit the deer, it would fall under your COMPREHENSIVE auto coverage (if you have it). You need deer hair on the car, at the point of impact, for it to be covered under comp. Roughly 25% of all US drivers lack this coverage and the understanding of ALL of the things that it can cover. If you avoid the deer, and crash, then it would fall under your COLLISION auto coverage (if you have it), and would count as an at fault accident, and your rate/premium could increase. However, do not listen to those who tell you Not to avoid hitting that deer. Since deer have long legs, they generally "fly" over the hood through the windshield. This can result in serious bodily injury. Sometimes the driver is even paralyzed for life.

If a non insured driver wrecks a car trying to miss a deer on the highway and dies and the car belongs to insured person with full coverage should the insurance pay for the funeral and expenses?


What type of insurance will cover damages to your car if you hit a deer while driving through a parking lot?

Actually, hitting a deer is generally covered by your comprehensive coverage, not collision. Comprehensive covers "acts of God," which include hitting animals because it was an act of God that the animal was there at that time. Reading your insurance policy will clarify exactly which kinds of claims are covered by which types of insurance. There are 3 catagories for car insurance: 1. Liability (covers you if you hit someone else) 2. Comprehensive (covers you if an uninsured driver hits you), and 3. Collision (covers you if you hit something -for instance, a deer-)

Where do you stand regarding insurance and liability if you hit a deer?

It all depends on your insurance coverage. It is also unique to each state. By definition collision coverage would cover anything that comes in contact with your car including, but not limited to: rocks, animals, hail, and many others. However, on your insurance document it may state items excluded- such as earthquake damage, hurricane damage, etc. If I were you I would call up my insurance agent and ask the experts, it rarely hurts to ask. Good luck!

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