If a dog cannot stop sneezing does he have a cold?

Could be something in your dogs nose. My dog started sneezing while on a walk and over the next 2 days she would have sneezing attacks lasting 5-15 seconds every 1 or 2 hours, would sleep fine though(i assumed allergies). Took her to the vet and she had a sneeze attack right there. They where sure it was a FOXTAIL or similar barbed weed up her nose. $525 later, sure enough, they pulled out a small foxtail buried 1.5 inches up her nostrile. They showed me a picture of it lodged in there from a scope they used and gave me the foxtail after they removed it. It would have NEVER come out by itself. The vet mentioned she has seen these kill dogs and cats. One dog had one enter in his ear and died of it traveling to his brain. Another had one enter through the nose, and travel into the spinal cord. Yet another that entered in the paw of a cat and traveled 3 inches up the arm. If you live in the west, watch out, and see your vet asap upon constant unusual sneezing of any pets.

It sounds like your dog has allergies. Please see your vet as it can be treated quite easily.

I deleted the answer, "your dog might have a cold" Dogs do not catch colds.