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Dog's ArmpitsDog's "sweat" through their exhale/breathing and through the pads on the bottom of their paws. It is not considered "sweating" anyway. Sweating in humans is to dampen the skin so that when the fluid evaporates it causes a cooling effect.

Their main way to cool down is through panting or breathing very rapidly which cool them internally. They do not have armpits, because they do not have arms. Those aren't pits; they're called flanks. They have 4 legs.

Dogs do have "sweat glands" on their paws. They do sweat heavily through their feet. That's why it is recommended that if you have a long-haired dog or a dog that requires frequent grooming to make sure you take it to a groomer on schedule to have its feet cleaned up.


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No animal truly sweats from its tongue, but some animals do pant to cool themselves in place of sweating. One animal that is known for this is a dog.

A dog does not sweat it releases its heat from its paws and tongue

Dogs sweat through their tongue because they have no other way to perspire. They sweat through their tongue.

This is usually normal. A dog sweats, or loses heat through the abdomen. If it is associated with pain, or other symptoms, consult a vet.

When a dog is hanging out its tongue because it is hot, its tongue gets larger and the dog will pant. These quick breaths will cause the tongue to evaporate moisture which in turn cools the dog's tongue. As blood flows through the tongue, the blood is cooled off. It is then transported back to the body, which helps lower the dog's body temperature.

Dogs don't sweat except through the pads of their feet. They cool off by panting.

Its not pout its pant, and it is because they sweat through their tongue.

Temperature regulation is a critical tongue function for a dog. Since they don't sweat, dogs cool themselves predominantly through their tongue.

because they cant drink like a person :)

Why does a dog have white stripes on tongue? Is this nomal?

the reason your dog sleeps with its tongue out is to keep itself from getting hot

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It laps up the liquid with its tongue.

A Boxer holds the record for longest tongue.

Well, Mythbusters did an experiment, and in that particular case, the dog had a cleaner tongue.

The dog will begin panting with its tongue out. The panting allows for the saliva on the dog's tongue to evaporate which cools the tongue, which reduced the body heat of the dog. After a few minutes the dog will have cooled down and stopped panting.

Chows Chows have a purplish blackish tongue.

The Chow Chow is known to have a blue tongue.

The Chow Chow has a blackish-blue/purplish tongue.

Your dog's tongue is hot because your dog is hot. The dog needs to drink water in order to cool down.

did you tongue kiss a dog if you didn't why would you think Roc Royal would or willYes.

A large dog can have a tongue that is at least 6 inches long.

Put it in a container with small holes to the side that only a rat can get through, not a dog (or its tongue! Don't place the poison too close to one of the exits).

Not if the dog is alive

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