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If a drive shaft has a arrow on it which way should the arrow point?


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2005-10-20 14:38:38
2005-10-20 14:38:38

Toward the front of the vehicle.


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the shaft(arrow), the point(tip), and the vanes(feathers)

the shaft(arrow), the point(tip), and the vanes(feathers)

Fletching Nock Shaft Point

An arrow shaft the the name given to the "stick" part of the arrow. A point or arrowhead is attached to one end of the shaft, and feathers to the other. Shafts can be made of wood, glass fibre, aluminum and carbon fibre.

Fletching Nock Shaft Point not in that order though

Parts of Arrow: Fletching Nock Shaft Point Parts of Bow (Recurve): Limbs Riser

An arrow shaft with fletching.

If you mean the front drive shaft, yes it should.

A drive shaft allows torque to enter a motor. Louis Renault of France was the inventor of the drive shaft. He invented the drive shaft in 1898.

hi i have a citroen saxo s reg 1.5D and it is knocking like a drive shaft but it dont do it all the time what do u think i should do shall i try a new drive shaft?

An object that is used for killing animals, indians made them out of wood.

Drive shaft? using a 12 point box end wrench that fits (5/16 i think) the bolts attaching the shaft to both the tranny and rear end, watch your head too, the drive shaft is not forgiving

The drive shaft does not leak. It is either the pinion seal or the trans. seal. Either one, the drive shaft has to be removed. The rear seal should be done at a garage, but you could do the front.

is the drive shaft the same as the intermediate shaft on a vauxhall corsa car does any body no

The drive shaft is part of the drive train, not part of the transmission.

The four parts of and arrow are the Shaft, Fletchings, Arrowhead and Nocks.

Yes Drive Shaft is a real band.

The drive shaft connects the transmission to the differential.

F150 4x4 drive shaft balanced

there is no drive shaft it's front wheel drive

there is no dry shaft oly a crankshaft in the engine and the drive shaft that moves the car the drive shaft is connected to the transmission and the rear axle if your car is front wheel drive ypu do not have a drive shaft just a transmission and two axles

this requires a drive shaft company that can cut and weld it and balance it after.

how to remove a drive shaft on a fiat doblo

First, you will need to add feathers to the arrow shafts, then use the arrow tips on the feathered shaft, to make the arrow.

Chock the wheels to be sure vehicle will not roll. Mark the differential and drive shaft before removing drive shaft. Remove 4 bolts from differential-end of drive shaft. Place a pan under the transmission-end of drive shaft and have clean rags handy. Push the drive shaft slightly toward the front of the vehicle while pulling downward on the drive shaft and lower it to the ground. Pull the drive shaft toward the rear of the vehicle until the front of the drive shaft pulls out of the transmission. Place the drive shaft on the ground and put rags in the transmission to prevent oil leakage and keep dust/dirt out. Assemply is reverse of removal with special attention to aligning marks on the drive shaft to the mark on the differential.

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