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Do the right thing and pay for the damage you caused out of your own pocket.

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2005-10-21 03:29:19
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Q: If a driver hits a pedestrian and does NOT have insurance what options do they have?
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If a person in a car wo benefits nor car insurance hits a pedestrian and causes bodily injury to the pedestrian?

Then the driver would assume all liability for the accident - including monetary damages.

If a driver hits a pedestrian and does not have adequate car insurance but does have adequate homeowner's insurance will it cover the accident?

No. They are two totally different types of insurance.

The driver of a car is a minor driving mother's car and minor is not listed on NM automobile insurance Minor hits pedestrian Who is liable?

The mother is liable

If a taxi driver hits your car is it the drivers insurance or the owners insurance that covers the accident?

If a taxi driver hits you, and its his fault, the cab company's insurance pays.

What happens if the driver at fault hits a car and the driver at fault has no insurance will the car that hits you have to pay for your car?

If you have comprehensive insurance, your policy will cover the damages (less a deductable). In this case, your insurance company will sue the at fault driver. You can also sue the at fault driver for damages (if you do not have comprehensive).

Who is at risk for being sued when your son lends your jointly owned car to a friend who then hits a pedestrian and the insurance is in your son's name with you listed as the second driver?

Hopefully, no one needs to get sued; that's what insurance is for. Unless there are special circumstances, like the son lent the car knowing the driver was unfit or unqualified to drive, the actual driver would be sued, regardless of insurance. The driver took responsibility for the vehicle and committed the act, so he or she is directly liable.

Who is at fault if a car hits a person illegally crossing the road jay walking?

The driver. As much as it sounds absurd, if a driver runs over a pedestrian he is always at fault.

Does car insurance cover you if a deer hits you?

Answer it will if you have full accident insurance Answer only if you have full coverage. Actually, it depends on whether or not the deer was in a pedestrian crosswalk. If it was, then your insurance will cover you as stated. However, if the deer was not in a crosswalk, then the deer's insurance will be liable.

What if you do not have car insurance and somebody hits you from the side when he drove out of a parking lot?

You go through the at fault driver's insurance carrier.

What if a driver in NJ hits your car with no insurance and you only have liability coverage?

Time to sue.

If an insured truck driver from another state hits an uninsured motorist will the insured truck driver's insurance pay the expenses of the uninsured person?

Only if the truck driver was at fault.

What happens if a drunk driver hits you in new york and they have no insurance?

Call the police and hire an attorney, NOW.

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