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Each person's insurance should cover their own vehicle. It's part of un and under insured driver coverage. It protects you against a case just like this. Now if the person doesn't have it then that is their own fault and they will have to pay for the damages out of their own pocket. The individual insurance companys should repair the vehicles and then they will turn around and draw a lawsuit against the drunk-driver for the cost of all the damages. Most states will put all blame on the drunk driver, but it is possible that your state might be different. The police report will be your best sourc of that information.

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Q: If a drunk driver with no license or insurance rear ended a parked SUV that hit your car that hit the next car is the SUV driver liable for your claim and are you liable for the front car?
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What happens if a fully insured driver admits fault for hitting a parked vehicle but the other driver involved in the accident had no license insurance or registration?

If the other vehicle was parked, there was no other driver to have license, insurance or registration. The driver who hit the parked vehicle is at fault and is liable for all damages to the parked vehicle.

Is the other driver liable for totaling a parked car?

If the car was legally parked, Yes.

If your car is parked in a driveway and you have no insurance and someone hits it?

If someone hits a parked car then they are automatically liable.

If you accidentally hit a vehicle that was improperly parked would your insurance be liable for the damage?


If your car is illegally parked and has been hit by another car who pays for damages?

Generally speaking, the driver in motion is considered to be at fault when a parked car is hit, even if the car was parked illegally. The exception to this would be if the car was parked in a dangerous, hard-to-see location and the driver in motion could not have reasonably avoided hitting it. For example, if a car is parked on a sharp curve in the travel lane of a narrow road, and the driver of a car driving around the curve at the speed limit would not be able to see the parked car until too close to it to avoid a collision, then the driver might not be liable for damage to the parked car, and indeed the driver who parked the car might be liable for damage to the car that hit it.

If your parked car was hit in the rear and the person who hit you has no license or insurance who is responsible for the damage to your vehicle and the medical bills for any injuries?

Well the person that hit you is not responsible enough to drive with insurance, if someone was in your parked car, you would still be responsible,its your car after all. The person that hit your car would be liable and you would have to go after them legally. If the uninsured driver in fact gets injured he will be responsible for himself, insurance companies are not in the business of paying people who drive illegally.

Would a suspended license driver be covered under full coverage car insurance?

Not in Canada. If your license is suspended, then any insurance claim that resulted from you driving while suspended would not be covered. If the car was damaged and it was parked and not being operated, then that is covered. But not if you are driving it.

What do you do if you have auto insurance and you hit a parked car whose driver does not have auto insurance?

Your insurance will have to pay regardless if the other person has insurance or not. You were at fault.

Does landlord insurance cover car damages on property?

No, that's what car insurance is for. If someone hit your car, that person is the one liable for your damages, not the property owner where it was parked.

If passenger opens car door and hits parked car who is liable?

The insurance company of the car whose door was opened will pay for it.

Who pays when someone hits a parked car?

It's difficult to imagine circumstances in which the owner of the parked car could be considered to be at fault. Almost always, the driver of the moving car will be found liable. Even if the car was not parked properly, the driver of the other car generally will have had the "last clear chance" to avoid hitting it.

Are you liable when turning left into a road you hit a car that is parked on double yellow lines on your side?

Sorry, but it's awfully hard to find a parked car liable for an accident, even if illegally parked.

A car parked on the wrong side of the road pulls out suddenly and hits a motorbike neither driver has a license who is at fault?

Both of you. Legally neither of you should be on public road. As you have no license you cannot claim any insurance. But in a normal situation, it would be the car driver's fault.

Who pays when a parked car is hit in a private car park?

AnswerAs long as your vehicle was parked legally and you were able to obtain the other vehicle's insurance info, the driver of the other vehicle's insurance co. is resposible for all your damages.

You live in Iowa have a new car no Driver license but your car is hit while parked in a parking lot- what should you do?

Hopefully you have insurance. Call the police, if you weren't driving the vehicle at the time of impact, then it shouldn't matter that you don't have a license. After the police have filed a report, file a claim with your insurance company. If you have no insurance, call the police anyway. But know that you will have to foot the bill for all damage because you don't have insurance.

Will you receive points on your insurance If you hit a parked car on private property?

If you or the other driver makes a claim yes.

What do you ask the insurance company for if your car was hit while parked?

If your car was hit while parked and the other driver drove off, then you ask for payment under your collision coverage.

If a driver totals your parked car is his insurance liable for your expensive after-market chrome rims?

For the most part yes, that insurance company needs to idemnitfy you returning you back to the quality of vehicle you maintained before there insured hit your vehicle For free insurance quotes. Visit For home purchases/mortgage refinance visit

Can a owner who is also a driver parked a vehicle and vehicle start rolling down claim from insurance co the payment for repairs?

Yes, if you have collision insurance. It would be a collision claim and you would have to pay what your collision deductible is. If your car caused damage to someone else's vehicle or property, you would also be liable for the damages.

Who is responsible for damage to a parked car?

Typically the driver that hit the parked car. But if there is no record and was a hit and run, you file a police report and your insurance should coverthe damage, less deductable.

Who is liable if you were parked in a parking lot during a snowstorm and your car was hit by a snowplow?

Assuming the parking lot was open, and the car had every right to be parked there. The owner of the snowplow, and possibly the operator of it would be liable for damages to the parked car.

Who is at fault if the driver of a parked vehicle opens his door and it is hit by a car driving by?

driver of parked vehicle

What if your parked car is hit by an insured driver on purpose?

His insurance is not valid BUTWhere I live is insurance company is required by law to pay for the damage he caused and then they may sue him for the money.

Is someone liable for damages of a drink cart if the cart was parked to the front left of the tee box and the ball was mishit?

Sounds like a stupid place to have a drinks cart! It all depends, if you have taken out insurance either specific golf insurance, or with your golf club or the one you are playing they will cover it. If you have not, you will be liable.

Who is liable in the state of California for a the tree branch lands on your car while parked on the property of your apartment complex?

Your landlord's insurance should take care of it. Legally your landlord is liable as they own the tree and supposedly should have had it checked and trimmed to prevent that.