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You're not exaclty clear in your question, but if you're implying that a family member used your personal information to obtain utilities in your name, then you're talking about identity theft. If that's the case, you should fill out an identity theft affidavit, available from the Federal Trade Commisssion and other fraud websites. However, as part of the affidavit, you need to supply a police report number, so that would mean the involvement of law enforcement. The bottom line is you have to protect your credit and your future. Credit bureaus want to know you take the situation seriously and are being truthful, so they require a police report. What you can do is file the report with your local agency and then drop the charges after you get the report number. Or you may find they're willing to file a report even though you don't want to prosecute.

2006-09-13 12:16:52
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