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No. The custodial parent or state child support agency would need to file suit, obtain a judgment and then use the judgment to levy the obligated parent's bank account, or the account holder would need to voluntarily allow withdrawal of funds. A judgment is not necessary for an obligated parent's tax refund (state or federal) to be seized for back child support.

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How do you do when my WOW account is hacked?

Contact Blizzard Support. They should be able to restore the account for you if you have the account information. You can be honest about the deletion and tell them someone else deleted it on you without your permission.

Can a bank close your checking or savings account without your permission?

Yes. Just as you can close it without their permission.

Can a creditor levy a bank account during bankruptcy?

Not without court permission, unless for child support and maybe certain taxes.

Can an account be repened without your permission?

no it can't cause that is you account not somebody else

Can a debtor take money out of your account without your permission?


Can someone open a credit card account using your social security without your permission?

They could but it is illegal without your permission.

Can a wife take money out of her husband's bank account without his permission?

Legally, in most cases, yes. Ethically, no, not without permission.

Can a girlfriend write a check on your account without your permission. She is saing that she had my permission to which she did not Police are telling me that it is going to be a civil matter.true?

No one can write a check on any checking account that does not have them as a signer. If their name is not on the account it is called fraud. If their name is on the account a check can be written without permission, even if you are the main signer

If you owe back child support can they take it out of your checking account or savings account without permission?

Yes they can. They can also suspend your driver's license without notification. They can attach to any assets that you may have to obtain the back child support including checking, savings, a home, a car that you own etc.

Is it illegal for a bank to reopen a customer's account without permission?


Can a bank move your funds from one account to another without your permission?

No. It is your account and the bank cannot move funds from one account to another without your approval or rather without you asking them for it.

Can you open a bank account at 17 without parent permission in Michigan?

No its 18

Is hacking a runescape account illegal?

Hacking without permission will always be illegal.

What can you do if someone is logging into your yahoo or facebook account without permission?

Change your passwords.

Can husband take money from joint account without wife permission?

Of course. That's the purpose of a "joint" account.

Can a bank transfer money from one account to another without permission?

No. A bank cannot do that. A bank cannot transfer money from one account to another without prior approval or permission from the account holder from whose account money is going to be taken. If such a thing happens, the affected customer can sue the bank.

Can a law firm withdraw money from a person's account without their permission?

No. Nobody can do that unless they have a cheque signed by the account holder.

Can the joint minor make withdrawals from the account without permission from other joint owner?

I believe no

Can a spouse forge your signature without your permission on a check?

Yes If You have A Joint Bank Account i guess

How do you unlock an account on poptropica?

You can't, your banned for purchasing credits without adult permission ect...

Can a bank transfer money from one account to another to pay off fees without permission?


How much trouble can you get in when you used someone else business account without their permission?

you can get in a wholeleap of trouble

Is it legal for a company to withdraw monthly payment using auto-pay from your personal account without your permission?

In order to have "auto-pay" YOU would have had to authorize it. How, then, could you say that it was "without your permission?"

Why would one use WestPac Online Banking over a traditional bank?

WestPac Online Banking is a good way of banking many different ways. A person can view a checking account, savings account, deposit checks and setup everything on the computer without seeking a bank rep.

Is husband violating the law if he writes his wife's check without wife's permission?

Yes. If husband is not on the account.