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If a father signs over his rights to the child in the state of Louisiana does he still have to pay child support?


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2015-07-15 19:34:40
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Only if he owes back child support. This can be written in the agreement that all arrears be terminated and his rights will be to the child if he signs.


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If the court approves, yes. You still have to pay child support though.

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By petitioning the family court in your parish of residence for the same. Termination of rights does not terminate child support obligations.

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Relinquish his rights, yes; however, doing so will not terminate his child support obligation.

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An unmarried father cannot "choose" to not pay child support. The laws in every state require that a father pay for the support of his child. The mother must bring an action to the appropriate court so that a child support order can be established. Visitation rights are separate and a father can have visitation rights established by the court. Visitation rights are not dependent on paying child support.

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Paying child support will not cause the father to lose his parental rights - neither will not paying child support.

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