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if the mother terminates her rights can he collect child support from the mother if child lives with him?

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Child support would generally go to the person raising the child. Mother might even be ordered to pay to father.

Marriage of the mother, father or child have no relationship to the collection of a debt.

Probably to the County Social Services Dept. if the kid(s) are in foster homes.

no the mother should have the legal obligation to take care of the child

Yes, if the father has more time with the child than the mother, she will owe him child support.

It depends on the state. In most states the father would still be required to pay child support, even though he is living with the mother and the child. However, if the father was financially supporting the mother and child, it's likely that the courts would suspend the child support order.

The father probably still owes the back child support, but it may become more difficult to collect.

Reference to "seventy four percent" is unclear, but it seems unlikely that the child's mother could collect current child support in such a situation. (She can still collect past-due support, if any.)

Yes if she is entitled to child support after all of the calculations are done. Immigration status has no bearing on child support.

Any mother can go to court in the US to claim child support form the father for a child she is caring for. Babies are not born by spontaneous combustion. The father is as responsible for the child's welfare as is the mother. If the child is living with the father and custody given to the father, the mother is liable for child support, too.

If the divorce ordered the father to pay support, he owes that support until/unless the order is modified.

Yes the father would still have to pay child support if he did not have custody of the child and the mother did not work.

The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.

the mother of the child took the father off child support because she was not satisfied with the child support payments.

If he's on SSD, than you can get the separate child benefit check. If on SSI, than there's no obligation. You go to welfare.

You don't - You explain the benefits that support could provide for the child.

Yes, as long as you have custody of the child/children. Just as the mother can choose for the father to PAY child support.

The mother should contact her local Canadian child support agency. They will coordinate with the State in which the father is located.

If the father terminates his parental rights the single mother can legally and solely have full custody of that child as long as the courts decide that she is capable of working and providing a safe environment for the child. There are times that the parents of the young mother, or possibly grandparents will help in looking after the child if the mother is a minor and finishing her education and the courts will often look favorably on this.

Yes. The custodial father has a right to child support from the mother depending on their respective economic circumstances. Many mothers pay child support.

You must obtain a child support order from the court of jurisdiction in your area and then file a contempt in that court if he defaults on the child support payments. It is not easy to pursue a father who won't pay but your child deserves to be supported by both parents and you can get help if you are persistent.

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