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No. Bearings and axles are non-adjustable. But the question is not clear as to what is meant by "off". There is really nothing other than mileage that wears bearings and axles. Front-wheel drive cars don't have servicable bearings. However, when a rear brake job is done on a car with drum brakes, chances are there may be bearings that should be greased at that time. Axles are sealed, and are not serviceable on anything other than a 4x4, and even then, there isn't much to service. Bearings on a Ford Explorer 4x4 (for example) needs the front bearings re-packed with a front brake job. If your axle or bearings seem messed up after the alignment and rotation, it didn't have anything to do the tires being out of balance. Because lifting a vehicle on a rack removes all weight off the suspension, it can sometimes cause the vehicle to settle wrong when put back down if there is a weakness in a component. Example, wheel bearings that got into their own worn groove because they were a little loose. The wheel, when off the ground, tilted one way, and when lowered back down, forced the bearing if loose into a weird spot.

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Q: If a front-end alignment and tire rotation is done without a balance can this cause the bearings or front axle to be off?
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When due for rotation and balance and alignment which should you do first?

Rotate and balance, then alignment.

What is a tire rotation balance and alignment?

a rotation is where they switch your tires from front to back a tire balance is where they make sure the tire is the same weight all the way around alignment is where they make sure your steering is straight

Why would your steering wheel and pedals be shaking when driving?

1. out of balance tire 2. Steering out of alignment 3. bad wheel bearings

Are your tires out of alignment?

Tires do not get out of alignment they may be out of balance but not alignment. Your suspension however can be out of alignment. The only way to know for sure is to have it checked.

How much does tire rotation cost?

In my area a tire rotation and balance runs around $40In my area a tire rotation and balance runs around $40

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Why does your 2002 Chevy Impala shake when braking after you had a tire rotation and alignment when it did not do so before this service?

Tires worn out? Tires mounted and tight ok? Good alignment? Good balance? you'll need to take it back and ask these things or get a second opinion.. d

Should you balance your tires before or after an alignment?

Before-a bad alignment cannot "unbalance" a wheel, but an unbalanced wheel, if bad enough, can throw off an alignment.

Your kia sorento is a 2006 you had your tires balance rotation They told you i had to have a front end alignment Why should you if the tires are all the same thread?

the reason they probably did this is because they wanted to be sure that the tires would not start wearing unevenly, it's always a good thing to keep your alignment in check. Tires Plus employee

How much does it cost to get wheel alignment or wheel balance?

Wheel alignment 40-60 $ depending on where you go. Wheel balancing 20 $

Skaking steering wheel 2000 gs Lexus?

I had the same problem. Going over 75 mph would almost feel like the car was going to blow up. The steering wheel would shake uncontrollably. I got an alignment, new tires and a balance and now the cars runs perfectly. So it may be one or all of the following... --balance/rotation --tires --alignment hope this helps.

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If your steering wheel is vibrating do you need an alignment?

Your wheels could be out of alignment; however, it is probably your wheels are out of balance. I would have this checked and repaired, if it is not fixed this will cause your tires too wear faster. Worn Parts like a radius arm bushing , wheel bearings , or even upper or lower ball joints can cause a shaking in your front end.

What is the Difference between wheel balance and wheel alignment?

wheel balance is when the wheel is removed from the vehicle and balnced on a wheel balancing machine. an alignment is done with the vehichle as a whole and ur camber and tow is adjusted and aligned

What is the difference between wheel alignment and wheel balancing?

wheel balancing is to balance four wheels. wheel alignment is to straight four wheels.

Do you have to align tires in order to balance them?

you do not have to align your vehicle to balance the tires BUT a balanced tire will still wear if the alignment is not correct

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Will drive train cause wobble?

could be a tire out of balance or vehicle out of alignment

Does a Hyundai Sonata need a 4 wheel alignment?

yes to balance well

How do you know if your tires need balanced vs a front end alignment?

A alignment is needed if its pulling to one side. Where as a balance is needed if the car is viberating.

Why does your 2002 range shake once you get 2 50?

most often, either the tires are worn unevenly, need to be balanced, or you need a front end alignment, which involves balance as well. Have a truste dmechanic check. Worst case is wheel bearings need work

Why does a 1988 grand marquis shake as you accelerate to a certain speed?

Wheel balance or drive shaft balance. Could be bearings also.

Why is it necessary for South Africa to bring about this alignment in financial reporting with the rest of the world?

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What could the problem be if a 1982 Nissan safari pickup starts vibrating when hitting a indention in the road at a excess of 100 kph and then have to slow down until vibrating stops?

wheel may have gone out of balance, alignment possibly knocked out of whack, or front wheel bearings loose.

Why do cars shake?

There are a few possible causes, but probably the most common is wheel alignment and/or balance.