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You should just replace the pump regardless. Usually, most auto parts will start to show signs of wear and then sooner or later they will quit, sort of like disc brakes. Both. A failing fuel pump can just give out completely or if it's significantly worn it can work at times and not at other times. Some will fail after they heat up, it all depends on what part of the fuel pump has failed. Like the above answer suggests, just replace it. Check your relays, I just repaired a neighbors pickup that would start sometimes and then not, and just die and not start up for a while, while testing whenever it would not start the fuel pump could not be heard, I tracked it down to the eec relay, it is the first to click in the series at startup followed by the fuel pump relay, it was hard to track down since it would happen one time and not the next.

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Where is the fuel filter on a 2000 Plymouth Voyager?

It is on the inboard side and just above the fuel tank.

What does Code 27 mean on 1994 Plymouth Voyager?

Means fuel injector isn't coming on, just got it myself

How do you change the fuel filter in a 1994 Plymouth Voyager?

You must empty the gas tank out of gas and taking the tank out from the van the are a big job the fuel pump and fuel filter are inside the tank. I just have the same problem the tog me 5 hr to do the job good luck my friend.

Where is the fuel cutoff inertia switch on 1999 Plymouth grand voyager?

Get a parts locator book or call your local dealer. Most are just above the passengers feet. Plymouth has it's own ideas though.

Where can you get an owners manual for a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

To get an owner's manual at a cheap price, would be on Ebay. Just type "Plymouth Voyager" and you'll get results. Hope this helps.

What is Front wiper size for 1999 Plymouth Voyager?

28", I just replaced mine

Where is the starter on a 2000 Plymouth Voyager?

Radiator side of the engine, just above the oil pan.

Does a replacement engine computer for 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager need to be programmed?

No. Just plug it in.

Where can you buy a manual for a 1998 Plymouth Voyager?

Try eBay! Just search for "1998 Plymouth Voyager manual".Answeryou can order a factory service manual from your Chrysler dealerI apid about $90 (Canadian) and worth every penny

Where are motor mounts on 93 Plymouth voyager with 2.5?

is there a way to fix or replace just the rubber in the mount

Why doesn't your 1996 Plymouth Voyager start?


How do you get into the trunk of a 1995 Plymouth Voyager if the key won't work and the button just stopped working?

drill the lock out

Does the 1993 Plymouth Voyager 3.0 L use a crankshaft sensor or not?

No, just a cam position sensor in the distributor.

Where is the starter located on a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

It is on the front of the block, just above oil pan level.

What is Plymouth Voyager code 55?

55 is end of message. It just means that the test is done and there are no more codes.

Does the Body Control Module for a 99 Plymouth Grand Voyager just pull off or do you need special tool?

The Body Control Module for a 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager should just pull out, but in some models it has been screwed in so you may need a Phillips screwdriver to loosen it.

Where is starter located in a 1999 Plymouth voyager?

The starter on a 1999 Voyager is on the front, radiator, side of the engine. It is just above the edge of the engine oil pan and is bolted to transmission.

Where is fuel filter on 1993 Plymouth acclaim?

Under the car, just in front of the fuel tank.

How do you install a speed sensor on a 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE?

You need to look on your transmission there should be 2 of them I have A 96 PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 3.0 liter and it has 2 on the transmission on it just match up ur sensors not very hard. sorry best i can do.

Where can you find a fuel tank assembly diagram for a 1996 Plymouth Voyager?

The fuel tank is just the tank itself. With the fuel pump built into the tank. Remove the tank by draining as much gas as you can out first via siphon. Support tank and remove the retaining strap bolts. Carefully lower and remove the wiring and fuel lines.

Where is the ABS Pump located on a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

It is just below the Master Cylinder and the Power Booster assembly.

How do you check the fuel pump fuse or fuel pump relay on a 94 Plymouth Voyager?

The relays are located on the driver side inner fender... I heard that you can take the horn relay out and change it with the fuel pump relay and if the fuel pump works and horn doesnt then you know that it was the relay... Fuses are easy to check, just look at it, if it is broken then its the fuse.

How do you remove the back seats on a 1991 Plymouth Voyager?

When you want drop a lot of heavy loads and need to pull it out, just yank it out.

1994 Plymouth voyager 6-cylinder was idling rough for 4 months and mechanic said it was just a dirty injector but now it stalled after making a turn and wont start?

Most of the problems that cause this are within the fuel system. This problem is most often caused by a bad fuel pump or a bad fuel filter.Ê

How do you change the fuel filter on a Dodge 1998 Plymouth Voyager?

It should be located at the rear of the vehicle, attached to the frame rail near the fuel tank, you will have to use fuel connector release tool to free the hoses, but not before you have relieved the pressure on the line. You can then undo the strap holding the filter on and swap out the new one, from there you just press the fuel lines back onto the filter.

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