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If a gas stove gives a smoky flame how can you correct this?

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Just cleen the burner of the stove, as it might be dirty.

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Why does LPG stove gives a Yellow Flame?

it may be due to incomplete combustion.

Does the flame of the gas stove give light of visible wavelength?

Certainly; you can see the light that it gives off.

What does a yellow flame on a gas stove mean?

A yellow flame on a gas stove means that not enough oxygen is getting into the stove. Therefore, the stove is not burning cleanly and carbon monoxide could be produced.

What kind of flame is the pilot light of a gas stove?

a complete flame or a blue flame

Which element gives peacock blue colour in flame test?

i think it will be hydrogen mate coz when u put on the lpg stove it gives blue flames..........

Why do you have a green flame on my home gas stove?

there is probably copper being burned somewhere on/in the stove copper is really the only thing that can turn a flame green

What does a gas stove do?

The Gas Stove uses a spark to start a flame, and that's what cooks the food.

What color should the flame of the stove be?

It should be blue.

Why does kerosene burn with a blue flame in wick stove but produces a yellow flame when burnt in a lamp?

it is probably hotter

Why does the flame on a kitchen gas stove flicker and flare as if blown by wind?

Something is either partially clogged up or out of adjustment. You can call the gas company and they will help you to correct the problem.

What causes the burner flame on a gas stove to be yellow?

not enough oxygen

Is a yellow flame on your propane stove dangerous?

No, but you may be wasting gas.

What should you do if you have left a gas stove burner on with flame?

Turn it off...

Does the flame of gas stove emit light explain?

Yes it emit

How does the color of the flame relate to the temperature the candle or a gas stove?

The color of the flame depends upon temperature. Please see this link.

What can be wrong if a kerosene stove gives a yellow flame?

Sounds like wick problems. If the wick is too long, you get a smoky yellow flame and the wick gets sooted up. Sometimes, you can clean the soot off or burn it off, but it's difficult, and many people don't bother trying, but replace the wick right away. Be careful to fill the tank without spillage, to keep every part of the stove washed off with detergent and hot water, and keep the flame low. A blue flame is a lot hotter and a more efficient way to burn kerosene. Bad kerosene may be the problem, but this is extremely unlikely. and if that's the problem, you need to change your kerosene supply (and supplier) and your wick as well, because the impurities will have deposited themselves in the wick.

Why is your jen air stove flame orange?

The air jets are adjusted wrong.

How do you regulate the burners flame on a stove?

You turn the gas control knob, son.

How do you operate a gas stove safely?

The flame is between the front and back burners.When the stove is turned on,this flame lights the gas flowing out of the burners. The advantage of the standing pilot system is that it is simple and completely independent of any outside power.

What is the flame that continuously stays lit in the older model gas stove?

The constant flame in older gas stoves is called a pilot light.

Why the stars are different colors?

this observation can be made in general daily. burning wood gives you yellow flame but on a gas stove you get a blue flame. the temperature in both cases are different and colour of flame also. the temperature determines the surface colour of stars

How does heat get from the stove burner into the soup?

Heat can get from a stove burner to the soup through conduction and convection processes. The pan conducts heat from the stove burner's flame and then dissipates it to the soup through convection.

What are some of the best rated brands of electric stove heaters?

Some of the best rated brands of electric stove heaters include the Dimplex Electric Flame stove, the Merlin Electric Heater Fireplace and the Bionare fireplace Heater stove.

What does orange in the flame on a gas stove top mean?

Improper gas/air mixture.

If the flame on a gas stove burns bright yellow what should you do?

Increase gas pressure