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ask her... its really the only way to know for sure!

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If you know for a fact she likes you tell her. but if you like her and your not sire if she likes you back then try and get close the her

To know if a girl likes you without asking her, you ask another person that is friends with the girl to ask if she likes you. Then, that person will come back and will give you the answer.

Either he knows she likes him or she hates him.

Flirt with her and if she shows interest by flirting back and such then ask her out.

Either she likes the guy back but doesn't know what to do OR she doesn't like the guy but doesn't know how to tell him without hurting his feelings OR she's just shy

Most likely if he is normally outgoing but only shy aroun you he either likes you but dosent want you to know or he knows you like him but he dosent wanna hurt your feeling and say he dosent like you back

So what? Nobody has to know! But if you like this girl a lot you may want to let her know before its too late!

i don't know, it depends on if you think he likes you or not.

Well, I'm a girl and all I have to say is you know she likes you when she calls you back.

The boy knows what the girl likes. If he notices that you are reacting to his behavior he will keep doing it. He needs to know what is right and what is wrong.

I have always wondered that! If doesn't know you he is probably thinking that you are pretty and wanting to get to know you! But if he knows you and is nice then yea he likes you! You go girl!

see if she looks and or talks about a lot

You don't really know if he/she likes you unless you write him/her a letter of some sort or something like that.

if i were you i would just ask her straight out 'i really really like you do you feel the same?' it may be embarrassing but it would be worth it in the end

trevor likes a kind a girl that knows how to carry themselves , not cocky. they know that they're a woman and they know how they're suppose to be treated.

how do u not know, if he dosent do anything he abvoustley likes her

Well...if you ask her you may discover the answer.

yes,but make sure she knows you and you know her.or your going to give it away. but just talk to her and be yourself.

You shouldn't be trying to go out with a girl that already has a boyfriend. You have to respect the fact that she is with another guy and respect him and her. You can be her friend and that's it. If she knows that you like her and she likes you back she should know what to do, if she wants to be with you or her boyfriend.

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