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I bet the girl is just playing hard to get. SOmetimes if a girl likes a boy enough then the girl will play games to confuse the boy. She play tricks with his mind so that he might start to think the girl hates him. Don't call her back and play hard to get. The girl will eventually cave in and cinvince she likes you. Althouhg there is a 10% chance she might think you hate her, but it usually works 9/10 times. Good Luck!

2008-01-16 02:05:04
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If a guy holds your elbow does he like you?

If a guy holds your elbow it means he is protective over you and is caring towards you. This could mean he likes you.

What holds the elbow joint together?

If you are talking about a prosthetic elbow joint the it is led into the bone with a cement or a gauze through which bone Will eventually grow. the joint itself. is fitted with a lose pin hinge where the pin is held in place with a screw. Aside from that the same tissue as always aside from cartilage surrounds the joint.

Why doesnt the gas on a gas planet escape?

Gravity holds it in, just like gravity holds earth's gasses in.

If someone touches and holds their finger on their nose which movement has taken place at the elbow joint?

lexion. It decreased the angle of the joint

How does the skeleton protect your body?

It doesnt:Oit holds you together so that your body does not colasped.......

What constantly holds the user of the computer?

be more spesific..this doesnt make any sence..

A force that holds two atoms together?

The force that holds two atoms together is an electrical charge. The positive charge comes from protons and the negative charge comes from electrons.

What are the bs for the nucleus in a animal cell?

the function of a nucleus is to control everything that comes in the cell. It also holds everything that comes in the cell. It also holds all the DNA in the cell.

What is windsor castles claim to fame?

it holds a special record (thats a clue but it doesnt answer your question!)

What organelle holds the cell together?

The cell membrane Has a phospholipid bilayer that holds the cell and its contents together, and controls what comes into and out of the cell.

How many songs 80gb iPod?

my 8 gb ipod touch holds 1200 songs but doesnt have any apps

What does it mean when a guy holds your hand tight?

He's really nervous. and he doesnt wanna mess up cause he LIKES YOU

What is the purpose of the uterus?

It provides site for implantation of fertilized also helps in delivery.It's where period blood comes from. It holds the egg and it holds the baby.

2000 buick regal holds how many gallons of gas?

It holds 18 gals ... low fuel light comes on after using approximately 14 gals

What country ends in a but doesn't end in a?

A country with a silent letter after the a but still holds the a sound. If you mean starts but doesnt end in A, Afghanistan

Why doesnt glue hold in warmer temperatures?

All the glue I use holds in warmer temperatures. You must be doing something wrong.

What do you call the thing that holds a Christmas Tree?

Always called it a tree stand.

What does that mean if the guy you like is speechless around you but he always holds your gaze?

he likes you.

Who always holds a majority of the seats on each committee?

your mum, you little puC

Which Norse god holds a hammer?

The Norse god of thunder Thor holds a hammer - his hammer Mjolnir is magical and will always return to his hand after he throws it.

What are the functions of the lining of the uterus?

it holds the developing baby in the uterus and if the egg is not fertilised comes out of the vagina as blood(this is called menstrauation). edit this answer to say whether it was useful to you or not! it is always helpful to know what people think of my answers and whether or not it was helpful.

What does it mean if a guy holds your hand tries to kiss you is always hugging you and holds your gaze for more then 5 seconds?

for real? id say he was into you. but does he do it in private or anywhere?

Does the way a child holds a pencil matter any more?

no it doesnt because some of the smartest people have different ways to hold there pencils

What type of clothing holds in the heat?

dark cloths like colors like black and navy blue.tryin not to luagh but doesnt everyone know that?

What is the different between sketch paper and watercolor paper?

Watercolor paper is heavier and rougher so that it doesnt wrinkle and holds the paint better.