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No it shouldnt. You dont even need to tell your agent that this young girl is there but if for whatever reason they find out and question it then just let them know she is insured elsewhere and they will probably ask for documention proving that.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-19 22:00:14
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Q: If a girl and her mother live in another relative's house and the girl is on her mother's auto insurance will the relative's insurance premium increase just because she lives there?
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Do pit bulls increase your insurance?

In the past, I have had to pay more for my homeowners insurance, because I have pits, yes.

If you are taken off your insurance policy do you have to surrender your license?

no because you will get another insurance

What is PIP insurance exactly?

PIP means personal injury protection and it is classed as no-fault insurance. This is because it will pay out regardless of who is at fault and will not increase your insurance premiums.

Does the Honda Si increase your insurance?

yes your insurance will go up because it is a sports car, it will go faster, and it will get you more speeding tickets, insurance companies do not like that.

Where can I find a lead for a good insurance company?

Probably the best way to find a good insurance company is to ask your relatives or friend about their insurance company because most of the adds on magazines or web may exagerate to get more costumers.

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What do various types of insurance cover or provide for a loss?

Auto Insurance - Repairs on damaged vehicles Renter's insurance - Replacement of stolen personal possessions Life insurance - Money for relatives of someone who dies Health insurance - Visits to the doctor or hospital Disability Insurance-wages lost because of injury or illness

Why wont the insurance company say how much the policy is for?

because in the renewal the rate will probably increase

If your insurance rates increase because of a seat belt citation does your bill actually say the increase is because of a seat belt citation?

i discussed this recently with geico. aparently from what they told me in Illinois the only thing a seat belt ticket does to the insurance is take the seatbelt discount off of your policy. do in the discount box the seatbelt discount is no longer displayed. there is no set insurance rate increase.. according to geico.

Why Must all drivers in the home be searched to get car insurance?

Insurance is all about risk...or possible risk. We don't pay for insurance definitively knowing that we are going to use it; we paying for the possibility of future need. Insurance companies need to know the household residents/relatives, because even though your household resident/relatives may not have a license, drive a vehicle on your policy, or even if they have insurance for their own vehicle, it's the mere fact of the possible access to or "risK" of providing insurance for a particular vehicle on an auto policy.

What is an AXA car insurance policy?

If you are in another country you should be able to get AXA insurance because it isnt available in the United states of america. This is the disadvantage of this type of insurance.

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Will your premiums go up if you crash somebody else's car?

Yes. If it is determined that the accident was your fault, your insurance company will raise your rates. However, the rate increase is often fairly minor. If you were ticketed by the police, it may increase the rate increase because you now have both a ticket and an accident. Your insurance agent should be able to tell you how much the increase will be.

Can Geico increase your parents' auto insurance because you are a student driver?

Yes, however, in most cases their rates will not increase until you get a driver's license. When you only have a learner's permit, it usually will not trigger a rate increase.

You look more like your relatives then your friends because?

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Will non moving violation in Colorado affect insurance?

Yes, the prosecutor will tell you it won't, but insurance companies will increase it. Mine increased 15% because of a 2-point non-moving violation.

Do firefighters need medical insurance?

DO FIREFIGHTERS NEED MEDICAL INSURANCE?Yes. In fact there insurance is way more than another ordinary person because every day there is a possibility they could die.

Are auto insurance companies in Canada allowed to raise rates because of an accident?

Yes they are, and the majority of time that is when they will raise rates, especially when you are at fault. If you were at-fault for the accident and had to make a insurance claim, then your rates will definitely increase, since you are a higher risk driver, and the insurance company had to pay out because of you. If you are in an accident that you were not at fault, then your rates should not increase but they might. Some companies again see this as you being a higher risk driver since you were in a accident, even if it wasn't your fault, so they will raise the rates. If this happens, I recommend switching insurance companies, as a good company should not do this. In either case your rates will not increase until your insurance is up for renewal. At which point, if they do increase I would recommend looking around and comparing prices from other companies

Lower Your Insurance Cost?

Drive safely and avoid tickets. Insurance rates will increase if you get tickets or get into accidents. If you are considered a 'high risk' driver because of past accidents, consider unconventional insurers or specialists. You are not alone, and many insurance companies specialize in offering affordable insurance for high righ drivers.

Why there is decreasing in cash while increasing in prepaid expense?

Because a prepaid expense is a type of asset. Once you prepay insurance for example. You have an increase in this asset called "Prepaid Insurance", and thus a reduction in cash. Once the Prepaid Insurance is used up it decreases while the Insurance expense increases. This is called amortization.

What happens when you have received two tickets for drinking under age and lost your license for three months by the secretary of state does you insurance rates increase if none were in a vehicle?

Yes, if a person gets two tickets, and loses their license, insurance rates do increase. This is because the driver becomes a liability and a danger to the public.

Can you have house insurance with met and car insurance with another company?

Absolutely. There is no regulation that makes you have auto and home insurance or any other insurance cannot be mandated to be with the same insurance company. Often it is to your benefit to have them with the same company because of discounts they offer in exchange for having the coverage with the same company.

In the long run is it cheaper to pay for the damages you caused to another car rather than go though the insurance company and have rates increase and be charged a surcharge?

minor like bumper mirror, small dent, yes. after 4 figures, no because someone (owner or repair shop) will milk you somewhere. put in in for insurance and invest the rest of the money.

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