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AnswerShe may look at you when she doesn't think you are looking and if you should catch her looking at you, she could either turn away, put her head down or go red in the face. If she seems to be in the same places as you. If she giggles with her girlfriends when you walk by.

The above signs don't all apply and depends on the person. If you really like her take a chance when she's alone (not around her friends) and ask her out to a movie. The worst that can happen is she will say no, and we all face rejection in our lives and shouldn't take it personal, but move on.

Good luck Marcy

A Boys View

Thinking back to my early school days, if a girl teases you, playfully, and does other little annoying things to get your attention, she probably likes you! Playful, annoying teasing and 'poking' at you is a sign of potential friendship.

Mean teasing or making fun of someone (when it's hurtful) doesn't mean they necessarily like you. They could just be mean. At this age, asking a member of the opposite sex "to go to a movie" is most times impossible for fear of rejection or being laughed at. At that age, trust me, you take rejection personally.

another boys view.

I'm not going to give you a ton of information like these other guys that is completely unrelated. The chances are if a girl asks you that means she either thinks your cute and wants to get to know you better or she has a crush on you get another boy's view.

Just go for it when u get the chance. I have the problem called "I can never get my crush alone" so those chances are gold.

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Q: If a girl asks you to a dance in middle school does that means she likes you?
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What does it mean that a middle school girl holds on to your hands in middle school?

It means she likes you! If you like her too then ask her out!

If you are at a dance in Middle school and the boy you like comes up to you and says Why aren't you dancing does it mean that he likes you?

It means he noticed you. That could be because you were the only one not dancing, but it could also be because he fancies you.

My friend said he wants to grind me at this dance and grab my butt at school do you think he likes me?

Just because he wants to grind on you doesn't mean he likes you. It just means that he wants you for sex.

What if your in 5 grade and you like this boy and at the school dance he asked you to dance with him at the last dance dose that mean he likes you?

Ok, first off YOUR WAYYY TO YOUNG GURL FRAND! GET MARRIED FIRST!!!Yes that means she likes you.hey sometimes boys can be stupid and don't get the hint that you like them but this sounds like he likes you back! Good Luck!

What does it mean when a girl what to fell a guys muscles?

It dentils means she likes him.if she didn't she wouldn't be counserned.i see this alot in middle school in 7th grade and in high school

What does school hop mean?

The slang term hop simply means a dance or ball, so a school hop is a school dance or a school ball.

What MS means to education?

Middle School.

What does it mean when a freakn hot guy you like see's you at a dance and looks at you up and down?

it means he was checking u out! he thought u looked hot at the dance. i think he likes u! the up and down nod means he likes u. a down up or just down means sup or he only likes u as a friend. hope this helps!

What does it mean when a girl gives you the last dance with her?

It means she really likes you and that you probably should have kissed her

What should you wear to a casual dance at school for 7th graders?

If it's casual at my middle school, you just wear whatever you wore that day to school. Since that is what casual means. Just wear what you want but don't get too dressed up.

How do you use 'likes' and 'like'?

likes is simple tense verb form in agreement with pronouns to : he,she, it (name of anything) eg; He likes to play,She likes to dance,It likes to is used with singular pronouns such as: I ,you, (I like fruits) and plural pronouns: They,WeLike means to prefer -I like...similar- He is like..Likes means feature/behaviour- likes of....

What don't mean when he looks at you and you at him he looks down?

Basically what that means is that is almost a sure sign that he likes you. This could mean that he is either trying to let you know that he likes you, or he is too shy to ask you out. If you are in middle school or high school and you like him, just go for it and ask him out. If he says yes, great! But if he says no, be ready for it.

What does it mean when a boy grabs you to dance unexpectadley?

it means he either likes you or:HE WANTS SOME(unless your fat)

Is Bragg Middle School a good school?

Middle school doesn't mean anything lol....its all about college....high school barely means anything now a days....

What does it mean when a guy pokes you on middle side of the stomach?

It means he likes you and or he was droped on the head as a child

What does it mean when a guy wants for you to dance?

He likes you! If any guy asks for you to dance with you and he really liked it it means hes interested girl! See if he acts weirdly nice a round you, if he does then go for it! Oh, and, for more information on if he likes you ... for more GREAT info on if he likes you, ask his and your friends! Good luck!

What does it means when your boyfriend is sad about you being in in school suspension?

that means he likes being around you and he misses you because he cares..

What does it mean if a girl bends over in front of you for no reason wearing a skirt and her but is 2 inches away from your penis in middle school?

It means she probally likes you and is getting your attention and with most guys, it works lol

What does it mean when at school a guy hardly ever lets you out of his sight?

It means he likes you a lot.

What does chuga ku mean in Japanese?

"Chuugaku" means Middle School

If a girl hugs you a lot and wants you to slow dance with her when were no going out does that mean she likes you?

It means that she could like you as more than a friend.

What does roc royal like in a girl from mindless behavior?

Things Roc Royal likes in a girl:he likes her to be confidenthe likes when a girl likes to have funhe likes a girl who is independenthe likes a smart girl( this means you need to get A's and B's in school)

What does dating in middle school mean?

To me it means you have a super big crush on someone and you want to be more than friends. In my opinion you shouldn't be dating in middle school.

What does it mean when your boyfriend likes to hold you on his lap?

That means he either wants a lap dance or just likes the feel of your butt. Or he could just like to hold you and know that he's keeping you safe.

What does it mean when a guy says you are the prettiest girl on school?

If a guy says he thinks you are the prettiest girl on the school campus, it means that he likes you.