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If a girl felling on you is that flirting?


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Yes, if a girl is feeling on you that is a form of flirting.

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If a girl laughs at all your jokes, even when they are not funny, she is flirting with you. If a girl goes out of her way to talk to you, she is flirting with you.

Flirting is flirting you do it the same way as for a guy.

when a girl is flirting she is sometimes touching her all the time or hint to you that she likes you.

when a girl is flirting with you, usually it means that she has a crush on you (basically it means that she likes you)

When a girl starts flirting with you, she's attracted to you. To find out the signs of flirting, look it up on Wikipedia.

Teenage guys never get the hint that a girl is flirting with them because they are too inexperienced

No, not that simple......But in a lot of cases it would be flirting.

how can you tell if a boy is flirting with a girl and also likes her to an extent?

Well if you see your girl acting way she acts around you then she is flirting and you better do something about that because you will lose her!

When the girl is showing extra attention towards you

she is flirting with you dumbo

Find out what is felling

ask her to stop flirting with you if you dont like it, or if you like it then tell her so.

Footsie is a form of flirting, so she is most likely flirting with you.

Call were boyfriend and say look she is flirting with you at the end kiss were boyfriend.

with another girl ? Why would you want to stop that

love is about your felling to a boy or girl and life is about your life

nothing to do but except it as flirting

there's no good in Flirting..

Its means there flirting with you.

Yes. Then, you will be flirting with her.

Well i know that when a girl is flirting she will touch your arm or laugh louder than normal. if a girl is just your friend she will treat you as if you are a friend.

Girls will often laugh at a witty remark. Making a girl laugh is not flirting if you both understand it is not sexual. If you are just friends, there is no crime in making a girl laugh.

they would be extremely jelous if the other girl was flirting with you

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