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It could mean either of the two. When you go to ask her out, be polite, yet not overly shy, and do NOT be perverted. Look at her EYES when she speaks to you. If you do that and she still says no, move on and accept it. She didnt deserve you anyways.

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What if a guy sometimes says hi or always smiles at you once you pass by him in the hallway?

He is being friendly.

How do you know if a guy likes you if you are shy?

if he always smiles at you or if jokes around about you being shy. that usually means he likes you!

What does it mean when a boy smiles at you?

He's being friendly.

Is smiles a state of being verb?

No smile is an action, something you do.

Does it mean a guy likes you if he smiles at you when you see him a lot?

It could or it just means he is being nice. Recognizes you and tells you "hi" or smiles. Not a big deal.

Where is Eclipse being filmed and when?

im not sure but i know that it is being filmed in 2010 =D *Smiles and kiss*

What does it mean when a guy is happy and smiles when you say his name and he smiles when he says your name?

That he fancies you.... HAAHAHAHAHAHA sorry I had to say that. He likes you

What does it mean if a guy always says hi and smiles but he has a girlfriend?

It usually means that he sees you as a friend and he's just being polite, but he's not interested romantically. unless he plans to break-up with his girlfriend

What does it mean if a girl smiles at you?

It could meen anything. She might just be being nice.

Are they still selling second generation ipod touches?

Yes, 2nd generation iPod Touches are still being sold in some places.

What does it mean if a boy looks at you a lot and smiles a lot when he talks to you?

That means he likes you and enjoys being with you!

What does it mean when this girl smiles at you in a friendly manner asking you a question?

That she is being polite and wants an answer to her question.

This guy he smiles me helps me and sometime tries to start a conver but sometimes it seems he is mean and ignores me and laughs at me but says your name all the time what does this mean?

If he smiles at you when he is not with your friends, I think he likes you. If hes mean to you when he is with his friends he is being pressured into being mean to you by his friends.

What is the significance of the preamble in the constitution?

To briefly state the purpose to which the document is being written.

What does it mean when your boss touches you all the time?

If your boss touches you all the time, either you have a really friendly boss, or you are being sexually exploited. Possibly both.

How can I tell if a girl likes me-?

You can tell if: 1. She's always smiling around you 2. She laughs or smiles at your lame jokes 3. You catch her looking at you..alot 4. She seems nervous talking to you or being around you Hope this helped! :)

If Nick Jonas smiles and look at you a lot does he like you?

It depends. Sometimes it means he is just being nice!

What is the idiom for being friendly while conspiring about someone?

backstabber He smiles to your face then he stabs you in the back (figuratively).

What type of blood is being carried in the blue vessels?

regular blood. blood is blue before it touches air. When it touches air, like when you bleed, it turns red.

What is bloods color before it comes out of your body?

It's white inside your body and when it comes out of your body(when it touches oxygen) it turns red. +++ NO! It is always red, although the amount of oxygen being carried affects the shade.

What to do if a boy touches the breast perposely?

slap him in the face cause he's being rude

What are the chemicals being used on the battlefield and what are the effects?

mustard gas. Blistering wherever it touches.

Can a boy hate you and then change his mind after time?

Yes, if you have been Giving him smiles or being nice to him there is a 50% chance.

What condition results in a patient being unconscious but able to be aroused briefly by sharp pain?


If a baseball touches a fielders glove then bounces off the wall can it be caught for an out?

No, once the ball touches the wall, ground, or runner (after 1st being touched by a defender) the ball cannot be caught for an out