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It is possible, but not likely. The chance of that happening is very low as it is not an ideal survival situation for the sperm. Yes.

2006-08-22 23:14:45
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If a girl gives a guy head can she get pregnant?

No, she can't get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if shes giving you head and you ejaculate in her mouth?

Absolutely Not

Can a guy get a girl pregnant if he has kissed her after she has given him head?


What is a metro dome?

when a girl gives you head in the metro

How can you tell if a gooey alien is pregnant?

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Is head called head because of the guys head or the girls?

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The definition head and mouth of a river?

Head is the source and mouth is where it ends.

What is the slang term for the word head?

It means for a girl/guy to preform sexual actions on a man's penis with their mouth.That meaning is for "to give head." "Head" by itself is slang for the toilet.

What can you do to get pregnant if your boyfriend had a vasectomy?

u have to give yo man some head then he can sperm in your mouth and that's how u get yo but preganet u have to give yo man some head then he can sperm in your mouth and that's how u get yo but preganet u have to give yo man some head then he can sperm in your mouth and that's how u get yo but preganet

What is difference between head and mouth of a canyon?

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When a girl gives a guy head do they go hard or easy?

The best person to ask, is the guy himself.

Where is a snail's mouth?

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Will a girl get pregnant if a guy Touches her private part?

No, but you should learn more about sex before you do or you could get in over your head.

Could your girlfriend be pregnant if the head of your penis accidentally touched the lips of her vagina?

No, unless you had semen on your dick. The only way to get a girl pregnant is to ejaculate into her vagina So always wear a condom unless you want to get her pregnant.

Can you get pregnant from accidently touching the vagina with the head of your penis?

"You" probably can't get pregnant if you have "your penis" It is theoretically possible for the girl to get pregnant, if there is any semen at all present on or near the vagina, however, it is somewhat unlikely without penetration, so chances are slim that she could get pregnant.

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Try putting a boy and a girl both in one pod with the goo around them, and if you see a hole in the back of an adults head/body that means its pregnant... I think

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