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Its a way of keeping the interest, after a while, she will become less flirty and more comfortable in your presence, I would say that right now, she is just being careful, and feels the fluttery excitment of a new relationship.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-11 00:53:31
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Q: If a girl goes out with someone why does she flirt with you when she knows that you like her?
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What do do you do when you fancy the school flirt but he goes out with someone else who you find VERY annoying but still flirts a lot with other girls?

Flirt back who knows , you might score.

What do you do if you are pretty sure a girl is flirting with you but you really dont know if she likes you?

then you just flirt back and see how it goes

What if a girl goes out with you but sleeps with someone else?

She's not worth it.

Can a girl have a boyfriend from another school and like a guy who goes to theirs given the fact she seems to flirt with him?

Yes but it doesn't seem practical.

What do you do if the boy you like likes another girl more than you and when you give him attention he stares at you the whole time for two days but then goes back to hanging out with the other girl?

Let it be. Flirt. Make him want you.

What does it mean if a girl goes out to see someone else in another city?

You got dumped.

What is the best way to get a girl freind?

don't try to hard and don't be pushy girls don't like that. the best way is to start talking to a girl you like then flirt a little and see where it goes if shes obviously not into you move on.

If you love a boy and he loves you too but he goes out with another girl what do you do and he knows you love him too?

you move on or you tell him you love him and come out

What does Jake t Austin like in a girl?

What Jake T. Austin looks for in a girl is someone that he can trust and he also goes by looks.

How to get a boy to love a girl?

get the girl to flirt and dont act like you have a boy friend or the lad will go of you. get the girl to talk to them like say hi and bye and ask him questions eg: what is your fav music? do you like her or him? i hope every thing goes really well

What do you call a girl that goes after older guys?

Someone who can't get a guy her age. JAIL BAIT! ;(

How do you flirt with a guy if he has a girlfriend?

how can i flirt with a guy when your not sure if he already likes someone else?If he is happy with his girlfriend and you start flirting with him, he may not think much of you and she may give you a bad reputation. Better to stand back and see if their relationship goes anywhere. If it fails, then you can try your luck.

What do you do when you like a girl but she has a friend who hates you?

When that person who hates you isn't around, ask the girl if she likes you. Try to find out WHY the other girl hates you, then change that or talk to her about it. Flirt a little with the girl you like, and if she has a phone, you should text her. Then, as time goes by, she will probably end up liking you and her friend will just have to suck it up.

Does the boy name or girl name go first in a heart?

If you are giving it to someone their name goes first, if you're keeping it your name goes first.

If your crush elevates you and then goes to flirt with a girl what does that mean?

The best option would be to forget her. If you are not sure what she feels for you then stay away from her. Even if you are able to have a relationship with her, it can be short-live because of the same reason.

I really like this girl but she has a boyfriend and goes to a different school what do you do?

find someone else you stinken loser.

Im a girl and i want to go out with this girl but she already goes out with someone should i tell her you mean shes my friend?

If she's going out with someone else then she is not available. Sorry dear, you'll just have to put it on the self and find someone else.

How do you flirt without being noticeable?

flirting woth out flirting. it's really hard but once you know how to do it it's really easy. flirt with a guy-------tell jokes, make him laugh. and when he does, join in. if the joke goes wrong, just forget about it that second. flirt with a girl------tickle fight if you've been friends for a while or you could make her laugh. good luck flirting without flirting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you tell whether a guy likes you or he is just a big flirt?

Ask him out and see how it goes.

What is the summary of the story of the orphan girl?

The Story of the Orphan Girl is a short story that talks about a girl who is an orphan and is in love with someone who is out of her league. It shows the trials and frustrations she goes through trying to get his attention.

Is Dora a real explorer?

the definition of an explorer is someone who goes into unknown regions and she knows most the places so she isn't exactly a correct explorer.

How do you flirt with someone that's already dating some one but you like them a lot?

First of all, YOU DON'T! He or she is alreadys eeing someone else and to infringe on that goes against all dating rules. Second, it A LOT not ALOT. So my best suggestion, either wait patiently, or, find someone else.

Why do you go out with girls?

Someone goes out with a girl simply because she/he likes her. It's not a crime to be a lesbian, and it's not a crime to be straight.

How do you know if a guy likes another guy?

Well. the answer goes with the same "how do you know If a guy likes a girl" question. They will flirt, hold hands, and if they're really gay, Kiss. But dont be mean to them. please? I am NOT gay, by the way!

I'm in 8th grade there's this girl at my school that I absolutely love in 9th grade she doesn't know I exist we only have a month of school left before she goes to highschool how do I win her over?

flirt it her in but always work