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If a girl ignores you altogether could she still like you?

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βˆ™ 2007-08-26 18:36:26

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Knowing from personal experience when I ignored a guy I didn't like him at all. But if you think that she is just playing hard to get, just talk to her.

2007-08-26 18:36:26
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Q: If a girl ignores you altogether could she still like you?
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What if a girl said she likes you but ignores you the next day?

then she really really likes you, the only reason she "ignored" you is because she could be rather shy or is still trying to get over that she told you her feelings(which is extremely difficult for a girl to do) :)

Girl ignores you?

You move on

You really like this guy but now he ignores you when you used to talk he starting to talk a lot to this other girl she has a bf but now he just plainly ignores me what should i do?

Write him a letter and tell him how you feel. If he still ignores you, he's not worthy of such a nice girl. Date his best friend; that'll really get his goat.

Can a girl who ignores you like you?


If a girl ignores you does she like you?

no.... not necessarily i wouldn't take it in a certain way because it could just be that you freak her out and she is afraid you will ask her out

What does it mean when a girl ignores you?

it means that she does not love you anymore

How do you tell if your girl friend is over you?

When you talk to her and she ignores you.

What does mean of love?

It means that when you shed a tear, and you still want him. It means when he ignores you and you still love him. It's when he's with another girl and you still smile and say ''I'm happy for you!'' When all you really do is cry and cry....

If a girl ignores a guys offer to a high 5 and often ignores him what does it mean?

It means she does not consider them close friends, and possibly that he is annoying her.

Why is it that someone claims to be your friend but constantly ignores you?

does this involve a guy or girl??

How do you know if a girl deosn't like you?

She ignores you and avoids you but that's just me.

What do you do if you tell a girl you like her then she ignores you?

it means she is not intrested in you, but in another boy

What does it mean if a girl ignores you?

You should move on and find one who doesn't.

I caught a girl I really like who usually ignores me staring at me with a smile on her face then she looked away quickly could she like me?

maybe...go ask her out and find out.

What are some actions a girl does if she likes you?

she wants to be near you alot. she smiles at you. or, she completely ignores you. i should kow. i am a girl

What are the signs that a boy hates a girl?

he doesn't talk to her much he avoids and ignores her

You told a girl she was beautiful now she ignores you What is wrong?

Sorry, but she might be creeped out...

Is Tristan a girl?

Tristan is a boy name but it still could be a girl name. I know it could be a boy name because my name is Tristan and I am a girl

Is it rude when a guy flat out ignores a girl?

Well, YEAH! Of course that's rude!

Does a girl like you if she talks to you once and then ignores you the next time you try to talk to her?


Why would a guy have to drink a couple beers before he can be around a girl he ignores?

there scared

How do know when a girl is cheating on you?

she acts funny and she doesnt kiss you as much and she ignores you alot I'm a girl so i should know

What does it mean if the girl you like suddenly ignores you?

Maybe she is playing hard to get. Make her laugh, it worked for me.

What to do If your Best Friend Ignores You?

if it is a girl ask her y and fix it if it is a boy ignour and he will come around

How do you react when loved girl ignores or does not care about us?

If she ignores you, you should move on. Go get a girl that acts like she wants you around, and treats you with respect. Don't take it personally. It is hard to stop loving someone, but you can do it. Just stay away from her and talk to other girls.