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She is a minor dating an adult man who can be charged with rape.

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Q: If a girl is 17 dating a 34 year old how do you tell your parents?
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What is the best approach for a fourteen year old girl to tell her parents she is dating a eighteen year old boy?


Can the parents of the 18 year old girl press charges against her for dating a 15 year old?

No but the parents of the 15 year old can

How do you tell your parents that you are dating a 16 year old boy?

Well that depends on how old you are, and wat your parents want you to do.

Can a 23 year old guy go to jail for dating a 16 year old girl?

There are no laws for dating just for sex, so it's the parents who gets to decide.

What can happen to a 26 year old boy dating a 16 year old girl?

possibly serious jail time, depending on your state's laws, and the girl's parents

Can a 13 year old girl date a 14 year old boy?

There are no laws for dating just for sex which you both are too young for. The dating part is up to your parents to decide.

If a persons parents are okay with their fifteen year old son dating a eighteen year old girl is it okay?

Yes! There is not an age limit for dating as long as you love each other!

Can a 25 year old man be arrested for dating a 16 year old girl?

Just for dating, no, unless the parents have asked you to stay away. If you have sex it depends on the laws in your state.

Can a 20-year-old guy date a 16-year-old girl in Kentucky?

Dating is legal but the minor should have consent from the parents. This is only regarding dating though and not sex.

Can a 23-year-old go to jail for dating a 16-year-old girl if they have parents' permission?

There are no laws regarding dating. All you need is permission from the minor's parents to date their daughter. There are laws regarding sex, which is a totally different thing than just dating.

How can a 12 year old boy tell his parents he wants to be a girl?

Just say it

Can a 9 year old date a 10 year old?

No. Both are too young to start dating.--------------------------------------------------------------- My great grandmother was 10 when she started dating, but this is a question to ask your parents still. Because people who are NOT your parents don't get to tell you if you're to young or not. Your parents get to decide. ;-)

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