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Not always. People carry a lot of garbage tied to their butts. You just never know, but it could be anything from being molested previously, rape, or she is on a medication that lowers her libito or she has low self esteem or is depressed. It's best to be honest and communicate your feelings towards her and then listen to what she has to say. In every sexual relationship there are problems, so talking is so important.

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Change in to passive sita is a girl.?

This sentence can't be changed into a passive voice.

A small girl pulled your apron active or passive?

That sentence is active voice. "Your apron was pulled by a small girl" is passive voice.

What is the passive verb in the sentence the ball was grabbed by the little girl who was better?

was grabbed is the passive verb.The passive is: be verb + past participleThe sentence above is a past simple passive sentence. The corresponding active sentence isThe little girl, who was better, grabbed the ball

What is an example of a passive voice sentence?

Passive: The boy was walking down the street.Active: The boy walked down the street.Passive: The papers were graded by the teacher.Active: The teacher graded the papers.Passive: The ball was thrown by the girl.Active: The girl threw the ball.

Do guys mind if a girl is a virgin or do they prefer a girl with experience?

Most guys actually prefer for the girl not to have experience. They usually want to be the first. That's one reason why some girls don't mess around: so when they find that special guy, he can be the first.

8 What is the difference between active and passive voice?

In the active voice the subject of the sentence is the 'doer' of the action of the verb. In the passive voice the subject of the sentence is the 'recipient' of the action of the verb. 'The girl drank the lemonade' (active). 'The lemonade was drunk by the girl' (passive).

Can a girl get pregnant if she doesnt have periods usually?

well girls don't get pregnet, they get pregnant. and yes they can, i know from personal experience

What will happen when boy sucks girl pussy?

It gives pleasure and enjoyment to the girl. No passive or negative effect on the boy.

What is an average preffered size penis for an 18 yr old girl?

18 year old girls usually don't have a penis. What size she can accept comfortably depends on the girl and her experience.

Is a girls best friend usually a guy or girl?

It can be easily both but usually a girl.

What does gfe stand for?

Girl Friend Experience.

what is GFE?

Girlfriend experience

What are the release dates for Inventing a Girl An Experience in Homeschooling - 2000?

Inventing a Girl An Experience in Homeschooling - 2000 was released on: USA: May 2000

Can a cheating girl change after marriage?

From bitter experience, no.

Is kyle a girl name?

Usually no, since Kylie is usually the form of a girl name than 'Kyle'.

What did Anne Frank want to experience?

Anne Frank wanted to be a normal girl and experience love and life.

How do guys act if they like a girl?

Guys are usually more shy when they like a girl. They also might "pick" on a girl a lot if they like them. It really depends on the age of the people. Younger people would approach the situation a lot differently than someone that is a lot older with more experience.

Who is more serious in a relationship boy or girl?

Usually a girl

What do GFE and LE mean?

GFE typically means "girlfriend experience" and it refers to a girl having an experience with another girl with her boyfriend present. LE means luxury edition.

Can a 13 year old girl with a lot of experience with babies and children babysit?

yes but you should take a red cross section on babysitting. Usually you can if it's someone you know and they can trust in you.

Where can a sixteen year old girl get a job - not volunteering - at an animal shelter in Colorado?

if you have experience and if you are studying for that type of career but it usually depends on the owner-ask them but be very nice

Would it be weird if you would want to find a girl who is slightly dominant?

not at all, we are all individual. In my personal experience, Complimentary relationships usually work better because there is a lack of competition.

What is mutiyar in Punjabi?

blossomed girl.. or just a girl... usually a good looking girl.

How do you tell what a girl really wants?

experience, and it helps to ask

What is interdependence in animals?

it is when a baby girl has her first anal experience