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she thinks you smell bad ---- Are you sure she likes you? Additionally, maybe she's trying to play hard to get. Ask her if she wants to do something with you and see what she says.

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How can you tell if your boyfriend likes another girl?

If he hangs out with her secretly or he acts weird in front of you when other girls are around

How can you tell if a girl likes you in elementary school?

If you look at her and she is looking at you first. If she trys to make small talk or trys to make you laugh. If she hangs around you a lot. If her friends ask do you like her. If she sits by you. If she hangs around you or teases you.

How can a girl tell if her best guy friend likes her?

He hangs out with you when nobody else is there.

How do you know if a girl likes you when she flirts with a lot of guys?

ysally th girl likes u if she hangs with u alot more the any of the other guys but if she hangs with them sorry most likely she doesnt like u bud

How does a girl know a guy likes her?

If he talks to her. If he's always looking at her everytime she looks at him. If he smiles at her. If he sits at the same table. Generally, if he hangs around the places you are at.

How does a guy act around as girl he likes?

If he is a player he will flrit a lot but if he is nice he will flrit a little.Players sometimes hangs out to be cool so flirting a little is good

How can you tell when a ten year old boy likes a ten year old girl?

When she talks a lot about them brings him up in a conversation hangs around a lot

How do you know if girl likes you but were not in the same classes?

Answerthat's a hard one but if she hangs out with you at lunch and seems to be having a great time then she probably likes you.

A girl likes a boy but she thinks he likes her does he?

well, tricky to say, only one way to find out, that is if the guy hangs around you that much or he always tells u jokes and stuff, and jus ask him, if not, then keep tryin

What does it mean when i boy hangs around with you?

He probably loves you(if you're a girl that is)

How can you understand that a girl likes you?

if she laughs at most things you say and if she always hangs around you,,of course this could also mean she likes you as a friend but you need to make it obvious bit buy bit and if she returns your signs then give it a shot and ask her out! :)

There is this girl who shows interest in me but this guy who hangs around her but she never looks at him or talks to him but he is not nice to but on the last day of school we saw each other he waved?

So wait so the guy who hangs around her has been rude to you before and then he just waves to you? Well that might mean that he knows that she likes you, and he is implying that its his girl, and he is gonna get her. Hes probably just trying to mess with you, and it would be best to just ignore him. If you like this girl too, and she's acting like she likes you, go talk to her:) hope I helped

How can you tell a shy guy likes you?

When he looks at you funny and scared to say anything to you when you ask him something? I would like to add that I am a very shy guy. I let the girl who I like know I did by hanging around her alot and she knew I was shy and comfortable around her. So if he talks to you or hangs around you alot that means he likes you.

What does it mean when a girl loves hanging out with a boy?

depends on what kind of girl it is. If it is the kind of tom-boy girl and she hangs out with guys normally then it means you're just friends. If it is the kind of girl who is constantly talking to her girlfriends and she hangs out with you......SHE LIKES YOU If you like her ask her out. If you don't..........well move to Canada (unless you already live there)

How can you attract a cute boy?

you could hang around him and see what he likes in a girl then be the type of girl he likes

What is said to be a girl best friends?

This means that of the girls he/she hangs around, you are the best of them. This is not to be mistakened with "girl friend". But a girl, that's a good friend.

I have a friend and i like him and i dont know if he likes me back cause there is this girl that he hangs out with a lot and i want to ask him but im afraid it with break our friendship?

Hmmm i think that he probably fancies the girl he hangs around with. However, if she is not interested he may lose hope and go with you...but if she clicks her fingers.....you may end up with a broken heart Thanks so much!!!

What does it mean when a girl always tells you she likes and hangs out with my group of friends I feel a connection but does she?

It is obvious that she is interested in you especially if she always tells you she likes you she has probably been waiting for a sign from you and for you to ask her out.

How do you know if a shy and very quiet girl that rarely talks likes you?

She will look at you a lot and smile when she sees you.

How do you know wether a girl likes you?

well,you could get one of your friends to go ask the girl because if you ask her that would be awkwardyou can tell if she hangs out with you alot or if she sits with you at lunch

What does a guy do if he likes a girl?

if a guy likes a girl he will stay around you alot, He will probably follow you every where you go

How do you know when girl doesnt interested in you?

When she never pays any attention to you, and hangs out with other guys and never looks at you at all. She will never talk to you (or at least only rarely).

How does a outgoing girl acts?

An outgoing girl is one who likes to have fun and experience new things. She rarely has a lazy moment or spends anytime at home.

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