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no she has to pay atenshin to you.

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well, he keeps looking at you, he smiles at you, and if you like him, build up some courage, and then make the first move! or you can just text him, or have your friends ask him if he likes you.

It probably means that your friends think he likes you. The only way you can be certain of this is if he tells you, or if you ask him.

he Gives you looks and smiles at you . Talks about you to other friends. he Gives you looks and smiles at you . Talks about you to other friends.

That is pure, distilled "Young American Guy". He probably likes you. But God forbid his friends know he likes you. Yet.

Look at him if he smiles he likes you. If he continuosly looks at your breasts then he is a player or likes you. If I were you I wouldn't go out with somebody looking there at me. Also move closer to him, and ask a few questions if he gets nervous he likes you. Also ask his friends.

If he stares at you a lot. Smiles at you when he knows you are looking at him. And if he looks at you like "WOW"!

when he is always looking at u and he smiles when he hears your voice

if the guy looks at you or i s talking to his friends and looking at you this could mean a range of things but if the guy smiles at you then he likes you . you should go over and talk to him and ask random questions

Just because a Guy talks and smiles at you doesn't mean he likes you. Boys do it to other boys too and they're just friends.

he either likes you or is in a trance! but you can probably tell by the way he is looking at you. like if he smiles, he probably likes you.

if your good friends and she smiles whenever she sees you, that's a good indicator

You get to know by the way he/she talk to you and also by the way he/she looks or smiles at you

well you look him in the eye and make it seem like you are going to draw forward but dont and if he comes closer and tries to kiss you then he likes you

Dont ask her- that might seem wierd. If she stares at you in class or in the hallway or blushes and smiles when you look at her then she totally likes you.

If he smiles at you when he is not with your friends, I think he likes you. If hes mean to you when he is with his friends he is being pressured into being mean to you by his friends.

Chances are he likes what he is looking at and would be interested in meeting you.

If he smiles at you, and you catch him looking at you when you're not looking at him, he probably likes you.

If he stares at you, smiles and is really nice to you then he probably likes you.

She eather likes you, or thinks your funny and wants to become good friends with you

When she looks at you during class a lot. When she comes over to talk to you, when she blushes, when she smiles at nothing, when her friends know a lot about you, when she likes your statuses on facebook.

If she smiles at you and is friendly, she probably likes you.

you can try a little flirting, ask him straight out do you like me? ask in a way that states am i a likeable person. if he smiles when talking to you or blushes while looking at you theres a good chance he does