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Probably yes. However, it may depend on why she's sleeping around. Is it simply because she likes variety, or is she trying to find an 'ideal man' who probably doesn't exist? It's also possible that she wants to avoid the commitment that a permanent relationship involves. On the face of it, none of this is auspicious. Joncey It is no different than young guys sleeping around so why be so hard on the girl! Some women if interested in a young man at the right time may sleep with him, move on, find someone else and repeat the process all over again. This doesn't make her a bad person, and is no different then some guys sleeping around. As long as she didn't cheat on her partners then it's really none of your business what she did when she was single. No, this doesn't mean she'll cheat on you, but was experiencing her own sexuality.

2007-05-28 08:18:32
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Is sheamus from wwe single?

he is most likely to be but he sleeps with thousands of bikini models id say every night !

How do you know when the relationship is over?

When she sleeps with somebody else. When she sleeps with somebody else.

What does sket mean?

A sket is slang for a girl or women who frequently sleeps around with men they hardly know, or if they are sleeping around if they already in a relationship.

What does it mean when a cat sleeps with you?

It likes you and wants to be around you. It most likely considers you the leader of the pack or at least an equal in it.

What do you do if the guy you were sleeping with gets a girlfriend and after dumping her wants to hang out with you but will not get close enough to touch you?

It seems as though he may just be interested in a friendship which is likely better anyhow as it seems he sleeps around - its best not to jump into another sexual relationship with him.

If a woman sleeps with another woman when she is in another relationship is that cheating?

If the relationship is exclusive and closed, and her partner does not know what she doing with another person, that is considered cheating regardless of who she sleeps with. If she does this with knowledge and consent of her partner, then it is not. Then, it just means their relationship is open.

How do you tell a woman is a sleeps around?

When she has multiple partners and when she sleeps outside. She also not loyal.

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I think your bad grammar destroyed the relationship.

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The woman is either called a wife, or an adulteress, depending on her relationship with the man.

What does it mean when a man says he want to take it slow after he sleeps with you?

It means he's not interested in a relationship, just the sex.

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