If a girl wears a size 11 in junior sizes what is the size in womens?

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She would wear a misses 10 or 12 depending on the fit because junior sizes are cut differently than misses sizes.
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Are you considered fat if you are eleven and you wear a size nine in juniors?

It all depends on how tall you are! I am only 150cm (very short) and I am in size 10 junior. I am average weight. So if you are average height i suppose you would be a bit chubby. If you are taller than average this is fine. A good way to lose weight it to cut down on carbs (bread, pasta, and potato ( Full Answer )

How do you convert girls size to juniors sizes?

By the time you get into juniors, you're probably a size 2 or 3. If you wear a size 12, you're a size 0. If you wear a size 14, may be a 1 or 2. Some stores have a 00, if they do you're probably a size 10. The only problem might be the length. It will be a little longer when you go with the juni ( Full Answer )

What size does a 217 pound women wear?

Women's Plus Size 3W (26-28) Depends on height and body type. I weigh 220 and wear a size 16-18 (plus size 1x) and I'm 5'5"

If you wear a size 7 in junior what is your waist size?

Unlike with male clothes, there is no standard when it comes to women's clothing. Different clothes brands have different definitions of what a size 7 is. You can check the brand's or department's store sizing chart; but even then most sizing charts are not accurate.

What is a womens size 6 in juniors?

that is about a size 5 or 7 in juniors, equivalent to a 28/27 in European sizes. (at least at forever 21) hope this helped.!

Junior pants size 13 are what size in women pant size?

A size 10 or 12 in ladies would be the equivalent of a size 13junior's pants. Junior sizes are cut more straight through the hipand thigh as most teenagers are thinner through this area.

If you wear a size 6 in womens what size would you wear in mens?

As I understand it, women's shoe sizes are generally 2 full sizes higher "numerically" than men's, so a women's 6 is a men's 4 , but since I've never seen a men's size 4 you're probably looking at having to get boys sizes and I'm unsure about the conversion.

If a women is 5'7 what size should she wear?

I'm 5'8" and wear a UK size 10 (US size 8). This is considered around average or just below, though it can differ depending on body type and where you carry your weight. Most of mine is around my hips and buttock, which means I usually wear a size larger in jeans.

If you wear a 11 in womens shoes what size would you wear in a mans?

\nWomens sizes are typically two full sizes smaller than mens sizes. So, a womens size 11 would be comparable to a mens size 9.\n. \nHowever, womens feet are narrower than mens. So the width is not comparable. If a woman wears a size 11 meduim (meaning, they have a B, or meduim, width foot), then t ( Full Answer )

What size clothes should an 11 year old girl wear?

In kids clothing an 11 year old girl should wear between a 10-14 in bottoms and and8-14 in tops! In junior clothing usauly xxs or xs is what is neaded! another answer: Usally you should somewhere between a 10/12 and 14/16 in bottoms and an 10/12, 12/14 or a 14/16 in shirts in the children a ( Full Answer )

If you wear a size 10.5 should you size 11 or 10?

well it depends if your a shopaholic like me ... if it is something that you really want and theres only a size 10 then you buy it... also some shoes run big or small ... for example if UGG boots... If wear a 10.5 you should get a 9 ... i know that's a big jump but the shoe shapes into your foot and ( Full Answer )

What size is a Juniors size 16 converted into Woman's size?

Junior sizes are odd numbers. Woman's are even numbers. So size 16 is a woman's size already. Many brands of juniors go past the traditional size 13. Which is great for younger who want to wear the current trends. So a woman's 16 is a juniors 17. 16/17 14/15 12/13 10/11 8/9 6/7 4/5 2/3

You wear a size 5 women what size in girl shoes would you wear?

10 (Someone has stated the answer is a size 10)However, I wear a 35 in European shoes and a 5-5.5 in women's USA sized shoes. Rarely, I can get by with a small sized six. In youth I fit a size 4 quite nicely across the board. The youth sizes fit better most especially if you have thinner legs and ar ( Full Answer )

Girls what size bre do you wear?

im a guy and say it all depends on your breast size some girls wear none and theres alot that goes into it.

If you wear a size 18 in women what size do you wear in men?

There's a reason these two can't really be compared that easily: women has a more round buttocks, more shapely thies, and have a bigger difference between thie size and calf size than men. You are better off comparing lower-waist size or thie size if you are a woman looking for men's pants.

You wear size 18 womens what size do you wear in junior?

they don't make things that big for kids... that's why your sized in WOMENS ... ^^ if you don't know what your talking about then don't answer the question yes they do make plus sized juniors clothing its the style of clothing not necessarily for kids if your an 18 i would go a 20 maybe 22 Debs ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between junior and womens sizes in converse?

Junior sizes generally have a slimmer cut and the sizes are odd numbers instead of even numbers. if you look at a size chart online you can probably convert it. If your a woman and want juniors jeans just look for the number closest to your jeans size. Go to BP in Nordstrom;)

How do you convert girls dress size to juniors dress size?

Measure chest, waist and hips to determine correct size in either children's or junior clothing. Chest measurement is found by using a measuring tape around highest part of chest, passing tape around underarms. Arms should be relaxed at size. Waist measurement should be taken at waist parallel to fl ( Full Answer )

What size hat does a 11 year old girl wear?

I'm eleven, and I've always been told I have a big head. However, since the average size is 7 1/2, and I'm 7 1/4, so I have a small head. Hurrah! I'm not entirely sure this information is accurate, since my dad is smaller then that, and he's about six feet tall.