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be friends with girl and not her friends friend or you could try and make her friends like you more. If that doesn't work, just don't worry about it, if the girl really likes you, it won't matter what her friends think.

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Why do girls act like they dont like you?

Either because they honestly DON'T like you or because of what they think their friends might say about you?

Why do guys not ask out girls even though they like them?

Well guys get nervous, and they dont like that. They like to be macho and manly. Guys also might think that their friends might not like their choice in girls. Sincerely, A Girl

I have liked this girl for ages but i have been out with a couple of her friends but i dont know where to start do you think i ruined it by goin out with her friends?

I think you ruined it by going out with her friends. Most girls, including myself, don't date ex's but give it a try anyway. She just might go out with you.

Does miley hang out with seleana?

Not that I know of. . . She might, but I dont think they are very close friends.

What do the girls thinks about the boys?

i dont know who your refuring about "the girls" but i think you mean girls in general. depends girls dont always think the same. we all have different personalities. if your interested in a girl why dont you just confront her and talk....just as friends you dont want to come on to strong. dont show off or anything. and dont worry. if you want a more specific answer or any more questions you would like me to answer just message me :]

Why can girls change clothes in front of another girls even though boys cant?

I think boys think they can so they dont do it girls dont think they cant so they do it.

If you go to high school and dont fit in too well how do you meet girls that you dont have classes with And you are not the best at talking to girls you like?

i think that u need to get your women back and get your act together I SAY YOU SHOULD TALK TO HER AS A FRIEND. THEN BE FRIENDS FOR A WHILE, THEN ASK HER TO BE MORE THEN FRIENDS.

You are a girl and think you might be gay You dont like other girls though Just this one girl You think she great and you think your faling for her What do you do?

come to me it may just be a "girl crush" but if you really think you like her, make friends with her. it will satisfy you even if she isn't gay or doesn't like you back.

I have a lot of friends that are girls and guys but i cant seem to get a girlfriend all the girls i meet become friends im a good looking guy and im a good person so whats going on?

i think that they might just not know you good enough so they dont want to talk to you all the time. But if they do know you it might just be that you arent the one that they like. you can ask someone else you never know what they will say?? i think that they might just not know you good enough so they dont want to talk to you all the time. But if they do know you it might just be that you arent the one that they like. you can ask someone else you never know what they will say??

Do all girls fight with there friends?

lots of girls have fights so dont feel bad

Can you wet journey girls eyes?

yes you can wet their eyes but if you wet their eyelashes they might come off i dont know my friends told me that they would

What to do when your friends are friends with girls you dont like?

My friends are friend with girls I don't like and last year the girls didnt even like the girls i don't like but now there like all bffs kinda and I use 2 be friends with 1 of the girls i don't like but shes kinda mean and the girls i don't like use 2 have friends but i think they got in a fight but there still friends but they just don't play with each other anymore, so how do I let the girls i don't like be friends again with the girls they use 2 hang-out with but the girls i don't like but who they use 2 be friends with i don't know them. i hate this girl who 1 of my friends like and my other friends like her to... what do i do?

Does spyro have friends?

no, I dont think he does, and I dont think he ever will, unless he gets them drunk first.

Do girls like getting analed?

not really most girls dont like it but some girls might

What is Selena's secret?

I dont realy no yet but if you make friends with her then she might tell you. but you might have to be good friends ...x...

What do playboys think about girls?

for one girls are in the playboy lol so dont you think they love them haha

My girlfriend thinks i sometimes flirt with other girls that i dont think im flirting with shes not mad but she isnt happy I really like my girlfriend alot and i dont want to be mean to the my friends?

well you see, if your girlfriend feels this way and you really like her just lay off the other girls, if you dont really like her, let her go so she has a chance for a new relationship. its your choice.... I dont agree, im in the same situation as you except my girlfriend actually believes im gonna leave her for these other girls when they are just my friends because i find girls better to be friends with. So, you dont really want to loose either, you can introduce your girlfriend to your friends and she mome friends and trust them, or you can talk to her, exlain to her your not flirting and reassure her. unfortunatly some girls this will not workout and you will have to make the descion between your girlfriend, or your friends :/

I am a guy and if you want to ask a girl out on a date but all of your parents are all friends and you are friends with her how do you ask her out?

first off dont be scared dont worry just ask her out . but you might want to ask your parents if they think it will be ok =]

Do boys think about the same thing girls think when they around each other?

I dont think so because girls dont usually think too much about the sexual stuff like guys do

Why would someone lie about liking you?

because they are afraid of rejection... they also might be afraid of what there friends might think... dont worry... if he really does like you then everything will work out

What do you do when your best friends and your boyfriend dont get along?

well i think that if your friends dont like him he must not be good for you!!!!friends are way more important then boy friends!!!!

Are Sonic and Knuckles enemies?

i dont think so. i think there friends

How do you make friends that are similar to the bratz girls?

You dont- those are just fictional, generic friends. Focus on making real friends.

When a girls says that they like you like you what does that mean?

It means that she has feelings for you and wants to be more then just friends. but dont worry, if you dont feel the same, all you have to say is: i dont think we are right for each other or im sorry but no thanks. :)

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