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If the biological father does not have have legal custody, then, no, he can't.

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Q: If a guardian won't sign for one person to get married can a biological father sign for an underage child to get married?
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Can the girlfriend of a child's father be a legal guardian?

ONLY if she is married to the father ,and the father is in jail.then she may become the legal guardian ,if the biological mother is unfit or absent from the child life,

Biological father deceased not on birth certificate can step father adopt?

A child may be adopted by someone else whether or not the biological parents are alive. If they are alive permission is required. Much depends on who is the legal guardian. Consulting a solicitor/lawyer would be advisable. In the case mentioned in the question, the step-father can adopt as he is married to the biological mother.

Was Jeff Gordon's mom married to his biological father?


Can my wifes biological father regain custody over her after the marriage?

No, he shouldn't be able to if she is legally married. If she was underage at the time of marriage and the custodial parent signed off on the marriage and that should have been the end of parental custody.

If a father is not married to child's mother can the father change the child's last name to his?

Not unless he is the legal guardian.

Can I sue my father for child support I'am 18yrs old I took an DNA to prove he is my biological father?

no, your mother (or legal guardian) has to sue

Does biological father can be sue for not giving support for his illegitimate son?

He can be sued by the child's mother or other guardian, and/or by the State.

Can mother sign father's name on birth certificate if they're not married?

No. Only the biological father can sign it.

Can the biological father of a child be made to pay support if he is not he legal father?

A biological father is the father of the child. A step-father is not. If the step-father has legally adopted the child that is not his when married then yes, he would have to pay support. If not married and the child is not his then no, he does not have to pay child support, but he may have to go to court to resolve the matter.

If you are adopted should your adoptive or biological father sign your wedding certificate?

If you are adopted, your biological father has no legal standing. And there is no requirement that any parent sign a wedding certificate. If you are underage, you may need signatures to obtain the marriage license and it would be the adoptive parent that would have to sign.

If you used to be guardian but then grandmother got custody do you have to pay support if your name is on birth certificate but your not biological father?

Depends on the state

Is biological father liable for child support if the mother got married before the birth of the child?

Yes , the biological father will be held legally responsible for the support of his child .

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