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No, that is the year that the manufactorer submitted designs for a patent. The actual manufacter date is probably different.

As an example, the model 1894 Winchester...the one that comes to mind as the "cowboy rifle", the "saddle gun", etc was patented in 1894 but is still being made well over 100 years later. Here is an example:

The only way to tell the manufacture date is by the serial number which you can trace through various sites. If you are talking about an 1886 Winchester, here is a link that will tell you the date:

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Q: If a gun says patent in 1886 is that when it was made?
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What year was a gun made with the patent number 3018577?

If that is a US Patent, you can look it up on Google, and tell when the patent was issued, but it cannot date the gun- other than we know it would have been made AFTER the patent was issued.

Do the patient dates on gun does that mean the year it was made in?

If you mean "patent" dates, no, that does not necessarily indicate when the gun was manufactured. The patent date indicates when the design was patented.

What year was a gun made if the patent number is 3988848?

The only thing certain is it was made at some point after that patent was awarded, which was November 1976.

What year was your gun made pat no2490922?

No way to tell. You can look up that patent, and it will tell you what year that patent was granted- but there is no way of telling when it was made, other than AFTER that patent was granted.

What year was a gun made with patent number 15974?

Can't be answered.

What is the manufacture date of 1886 Winchester 146815?

The gun was made in 1908.

If a Model 80 16 gauge shotgun says Browning patent on the barrel does that mean it is a Browning gun?

No. Many manufacturers have used Browning's patents. Your gun was made by Savage/Stevens.

How do read the patent to understand the age of gun army special 38?

The last patent date will tell you that it was made that date or later.

Wwhen was a 12 gauge shotgun made by diamond arms gun com that says army steel choke bored and has q 602 at the behind the trigger?

My shotgun says patent 1900 everything else seems the same

Can mold give you cancer and what kind?

i have a Winchester 37. 28inch that says patent pending . Any idea the value of this gun

When was the daisy BB gun first made in city?

Daisy started in 1886 in Plymouth Michigan.

What is the maker of a gun if patent number is E42550?

You will have to check with the US Patent Office

When did John Browning invent his first gun?

John Browning made his first gun at the age of 10, but his first patent was in 1878, it was the 1878 Single Shot Rifle.

Why does your Western Field 16 gauge shotgun have a Browning patent?

I would have to assume that you have a semi-auto shotgun.If your shotgun has a slight hump to the back of the reciever then it was a shotgun made with a browning patent and would have to be listed on the gun along with the royaltys paid to his patent.

Any info on Whals patent brass knuckle rimfire gun?

you will have to do research in the US Patent Office

Forehand and wadsworth arms 32 caliber models I have a 5 shot two and three quarter inch barrel 1886 87 patent with F and W grips Whats it worth?

Blue book of gun values

What is Ithaca gun co serial number 3095?

You have an Ithaca Baker model made in 1886 if it is a sxs double not stated in your ques

When was my Remington Browning Patent 249748 made?

browning and Remington are two different companies, its not possible to have one companies gun under another companies patent.I beg to differ! I have a Remington model 81 woodmaster in 300sav.caliber that is made by remington and has John M.Brownings patent marked right on the barrel.Brownings patent for the remington models 8,and 81 were from the year 1900.The Remington model 8 was made from 1906-1936,and the model 81 from 1936-1950.All Winchester model 1886 rifles were made under a patent frpm John M.Browning.If you can re-post your question with the model number of your Remington,and caliber along with a 2 or 3 letter code found on the barrel of your firearm,I will be able to date your firearm for you.

What is the value of a a Nitro Marvel Model 1886 16 gauge shot gun This gun was stamped 8111898?

The value of a Nitro Marvel 1886 16 gauge shot gun in working condition is between $199 and $165. As a parts gun only it is valued at $39.

You would like to see a picture of this gun Patent no 3988848ba564268 harrington and richardson gun?

Blue Book of Gun Values

What is the age and value of a 20 gauge Browning Ranger pump shotgun serial 2464?

Browning did not manufacture the gun. The gun was made by Stevens, using a Browning patent. Value is minimal, below $200.

The barrel of my gun says STEVENS Savage Arms Corporation MODEL 87A Chicopee Falls MASS USA along with patent numbers and a serial number How old is it?

I have the same rifle. =) From it looks like about 200,000 were made somewhere between 1938 and 1945.

Schematics for a piston and spring bb gun?

US Patent Office

Who and when was the Gatling Gun invented?

Dr. Richard Gatling invented the gatling gun in 1861 and obtained a patent in 1862.

When is the first BB gun made?

The oldest known air rifle gun was invented by Girandoni of Vienna about 1780, for the Austrian Army. <><><><> The first BB gun was made by the WF Markham Company in 1886. The earlier air rifles were true weapons, some capable of killing large animals or people.