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I think it definitely means that he likes you. There was this guy in school, and he would always come by my locker and walk with me to class and always find chances to talk to me. It turned out that he liked me. All those signs can mean that a guy likes you. The part about telling the difference, well, you have to be the judge of that one. Does he constantly flirt or find reasons to talk to you? Is he usually around you? The glances are a HUGE sign of a guy liking you. I'd say that is the number one thing that guys do when they like a girl. They glance at the girl a lot. Well hopefully, these things helped. and overall, i'd say he likes you.

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Q: If a guy always seems to stand near you or be where you are all the time and makes small talk and glances quickly at you does he like you or just being polite and how can you tell the difference?
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