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It may mean that, it looks like he is prying to see if you are in a relationship and how you would behave in a relationship. Respond to him the same way if you like him, as him "if he had a girlfriend" questions, he will realise that you like him to. He may want to be that boyfriend..

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โˆ™ 2006-03-15 21:57:52
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Q: If a guy asks you 'if you had a boyfriend would you still do this' questions does it mean he likes you?
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What Questions your boyfriend would lie about?

Your boyfriend would lie to you about questions such as...hes not cheating on you, he still finds you attractive, he loves you etc. It depends on what there is to lie about.

She likes me but has a boyfriend?

if she liked you that much would she still be with him. you need to ask her what she wants Honestly tho if she likes you and has a boyfriend she would do the same if u went out so be careful

Why would an old boyfriend still try to see you?

An old boyfriend of yours would still try to see you if he still likes you, or if you still have something that belongs to him that he would like you to return. Possibly both.

What would you do if the boy you go out with still likes his ex-girlfriend?

Talk to your boyfriend. If he likes her more than you, set him free to be with her. But if he still has eyes for you, ask him why he still likes his ex.

If you have a friend that has a boyfriend and another girl likes her boyfriend what do you do?

if i where you i would tell the girl that likes that boy that he has a girlfriend.that is what i would do.

Could you get a list of questions to ask a boyfriend?

ask him why he likes you?,What is you best and worst features?,what would he do to get you back if you got taken away

What if a girl likes your boyfriend?

I would confront the girl or warn your boyfriend

What to do if your boyfriend still likes his ex but he likes you as well?

I would tell him that if he wants to be with you to stop talkin to her and that if he talks or hangs out with her he dont rele care about yall, and it will be over

How do you know if your ex-boyfriend still likes you?

Ask him I have that problem to cuz i think i still like him but i would NEVER ....NEVER ask him if he liked me

What to ask your boyfriend to see if he likes you?

If he is already your boyfriend chances are he like you. But if want to see if he really cares about you ask if he would still care about you if you moved or something like that

Why would a ex girlfriend want to live real close to her ex boyfriend when her friends and family are not from that area?

It means the ex boyfriend still likes the ex girlfriend.

How do you know your ex-boyfriend still love you?

IF he tells you or if you notice that he still likes to be around you and stare at you. If he is your Ex-boyfriend he is your "EX" for a reason and I would say don't bother trying to find. If he is your Ex-boyfriend he is your "EX" for a reason and I would say don't bother trying to find.

What are good questions to ask your boyfriend when playing 20 questions?

Maybe about his past. If he went to a different school? Where he lived? Where he would like to live? If he could be the best (world champ) at one thing only, what would it be? Country, city or beach? Why he likes you?

How would you know if your boyfriend are still single?

Your boyfriend can't be single if he is your boyfriend...

Why would your boyfriend tell you he still likes another girl?

your boyfriend is just being completely honest with you and he obviously doesnt like you as much as this 'other' girl. i would appreciate him sharing this with me instead of cheating on me and going behind my back.

How do you tell if an ex likes you?

it would be like before they asked you out, except even more shy because they would be afraid you wouldn't like them.

Your best friend likes your boyfriend?

At least you know she likes him. I would try to keep them separated. Hopefully you trust your boyfriend. Hopefully he wouldn't be tempted to cheat on you.

What are good questions to ask your boyfriend in a Q?

"Does it annoy you when I ask you pointless questions?" would be favorite.

What do you do when you like your friend who has a boyfriend?

I would still be friends with them if my friend would still talk to me.

What should you do if your boyfriend still lives with his parents?

That would depend on his age. This man probably likes his home comforts. There is nothing to do but I would beware if you wanted to get a place with him you might end up looking after him.

Why boyfriend doesn't love you anymore?

You would really have to find out from him as he is the only one that truly knows the answer to this question.If he doesn't answer or he says I don't know then that means he still likes you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are tricky questions for a boyfriend?

* Are you my forever?* do you love me?* will you be my escape?* would you die for me?

How do you know if your boyfriend likes your kiss?

If your boyfriend likes your kiss he would want to kiss you again later or more. If he does not like your kiss, he will probably try to avoid kissing you so much or at all.

What advice would you give a guy who likes a girl who has a boyfriend?

wait for them to break up ( if they do).

How do you know if your boyfriend is using you to get closer to your Bff which is his ex crush?

If he seems interested and keeps asking if you and your friend could hang out together then that means he likes your friend not you, what boyfriend would want to be with you AND your friend?? A real boyfriend that likes you would want to be alone with you, he wouldn't want to be with your friends or even his friends.