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It depends what relationship you have with this guy. If he does drugs and gets sick from that then no, I wouldn't go either because it would be an never ending process. If you're good friends or he's your boyfriend, then you could have tried your best to be there for him if he was ill from the flu or some other source of illness. Some people do get really sick and sometimes very scared and for all you know he may have needed help getting to the doctors or the hospital. It's a terrible feeling to be sick and alone.

If you have to ask whether you should care makes me tremble! I would care if my dog or cat was sick.

If one of my friends or a boyfriend was very ill, then I would make the time to get there to see what I could do. It's obvious you have never given it much thought when you have to ask the question "should I care." Sounds like you are self absorbed. I can see why he's mad at you and hasn't talked to you for a day. Family, friends and boyfriends, husbands all need to count on us at sometime or another. Be careful how you treat others because you may be in this predicament yourself one day and guess what? No one will come running to you!



That behavior is just immature! Do you want to date a child or a man? Imagine how he would treat you if you were married (behaviour is always doubled in a marraige when there is no easy way out - like breaking up). It is not okay for him to treat you like that. Have a talk with him and make yourself clear that you will not tolerate immature behaviour.

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Q: If a guy calls you and tells you he's sick and he needs you and you told him you couldn't come is it OK if he gets mad at you and decides not to talk to you for a day and should you care?
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