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It's good to play hard to get, but it's a tough balance. If you play too much the guy may get tired and move on. I go by respect from the guy ... I give it, I should be receiving it back. Never go to bed on the first date or even the second and do so when it feels right. Don't be overly pleasing, giving or give too much of your personal information to him right away. Keep an air of mystery around you while protecting your privacy at the same time. Once you get use to each other and you know you like him and he treats you with respect cut loose with a little more info about yourself. It's a noted fact that when things come to easy any of us can take advantage of that, but true to the human race, the more you think you can't have it the more you want it. Good luck Marcy

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2005-09-20 04:46:22
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Q: If a guy clearly likes you should you play hard to get?
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When should you play hard to get?

You should play hard to get at the begging, when you realize that the person likes you. That way he will not use you and will learn to love u.

If a guy shows he likes you but won't admit it what should you do?

ignore him and play hard-to-get to get him at your feet

How should you flirt with a guy in eighth grade who you think likes you?

What you should do is it depends what grade you are in, but play hard to get and say no if he asks you out. If he keeps trying you know he really likes you so if you want say yes the second time

What do you do if a boy keeps telling you he likes someone then you and so on.But when school is almost out he tells you he likes you and you don't know if you should trust what he said. What to do?

Play hard to get. If he plays that game then you know hes for real.

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Why do guys play hard to get with a girl they like and what does hard to get mean and what are signs they are playing it with rude answers?

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