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He still likes you, definatly. He's likes power ... and that all there is to it.

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Q: If a guy doesn't want to be with you then why would he still call and keep track of who you're seeing and get mad if you go out and keep calling and is he paranoid or just controlling?
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What is a typical symptom of schizophrenia?

hearing or seeing thingswhen their not really there, being paranoid for no reason.

You are seeing a guy who lives with his gfriend of 12 yrs been seeing him for 3 of those yrs he says he is not happy with her and it is hard to break it off she is controlling person?

No, she is not a controlling person. He is the one who will not break off the relationship. It sounds more like he's using you for "something on the side" while he stays with her for reasons unknown. If anyone is controlling it is him controlling you, at least for the last 3 years.

What is a paranoid schizophrenic?

A paranoid schizophrenic is a person that suffers from a specific type of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a thought disorder, where there is a disturbance in thought patterns and processes. Paranoid Schizophrenics usually have several of the following symptoms: - disconnected and confusing language - poor reasoning, memory and judgment - high level of anxiety - eating and sleeping disorders - hallucinations or hearing and seeing things that only exist in the mind of the consumer - delusions or persistent false beliefs about something (i.e. that others are controlling their thoughts) - deterioration of appearance and personal hygiene -tendency to withdraw from others

What is the difference between hallucination and paranoid?

A hallucination is seeing something that isn't there. Being paranoid is afraid of small things and being worried something is going to happen. Extreme paranoia can sometimes lead to hallucinations but they are separate things.

How do you get a guy to ask you out when your seeing him so that he doesnt see someone else?

If your seeing him then why does he need to ask you out ? aren't you already together ?

How do you know if a person is stalking you?

you will get a feeling youll start being paranoid and youll start seeing the same person everyday near you

Is calling a black man a coon racist?

yes but it is not illegal I suggest saying it to someone and seeing their expression

Why do guys want to know about your ex?

if you are seeing a guy, then chances are he doesnt wanna know anything about your ex

How come your girlfriend doesnt talk a lot over the phone?

Curiousity of not seeing you make her not to talk much...

If you get a boys number and end up not seeing then turn around and get his friend number are you considered a hoe?

No but it wont stop the boy who u did not end up seeing calling u one

What should you do if a guy thinks you stalk him?

If your not stalking him, and he is either calling you or seeing you and accusing you of it, most likely he is the one that is stalking.

I had a one time experience with someone I work I regret it he doesnt With taking into account how do I get over seeing him everyday at work?

The only way to avoid seeing someone you work with is to get a new job.

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this question doesnt make sense else i would answer it seeing as my whole family lifeguards.

What to do when your dad threatens your boyfriend if he doesnt stop seeing me. im 15 hes 17.?

Depends, what did he threaten him for?

Does NBA player Sergio Rodriguez have a girlfriend?

No he doesnt have time. he definitely hangs out with girls though. My friend was seeing him for a bit.

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I was seeing a girl for a month and she told me shes still in love with her ex but doesnt want to be with them?

Because she doesn't actually love you. She lied.

Can a mother put a restraining order on her daughters boyfriend from seeing her when she doesnt want that?

Legally yes. It's not a great idea though

In twilight what doesnt ice help?

Because she slips in twilight and when she use to live in Arizona it was hot so she is use to not seeing ice

How do you get him back he broke up with me but the other night he said he messed up but the next day he said he meant even if he did it was the right thing what do you do?

You realize that you are not a yo-yo. He apparently doesnt know what he wants and you should do what is best for you. Take a little time apart, no calling, seeing one another and get yourselves in check about the relationship. Then agree on a date in the future to meet and discuss what you have discovered alone what it is you want to do together. If he still doesnt know then its time to move on.

Girlfriend has a lot of male friends?

it doesnt mean that she is seeing them. my best friend is a guy and it doesnt make a difference. take her to dinner and have an honest conversation and tell her you want te truth. being in a relationship is all honsety

Can you get back at a boy for breaking up with you?

them seeing that it doesnt effect you is one thing that gets to them, show them your strong and your fine without him. its the best way.

Why ghost are coming to you?

Maybe you insulted them or maybe they arent even there. It could be your fear of seeing them, so you start to get even more paranoid abotu seeing one. Or it could mean they want something from you, or if they say anything, something bad like really bad is going to happen. Just if this is happening to you personally do not reply to the ghosts.

What does it mean if I broke it off and I call my ex and he says that he needs to distance himself?

It means he wants space from you and is nicely telling you that he does not want you calling and will not be talking to you or seeing you.