If a guy is cross and awkward around you does it mean they are attracted to you?

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yes, it probably means he is attracted to you. if you have the same feeling with him, just give him a sign to see what will happen next.
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Is it possible for a guy to be attracted to you if he does not seem nervous around you?

Yes it is quite possible for a guy to be attracted to you if he doesn't seem nervous around you because some guys are experienced and they don't show their emotions all the time because they aren't sure if the girl's attracted to them. They don't want to embarrass themselves and they don't want the ( Full Answer )

Are you awkward around girls?

Yes I am. I would really like help in this catogorie. Every time I see a girl I get really really shy and I dont know what to say. Yesterday I wet my pants in front of this girl that i think is really cute. Is this normal? What can you do to help me? Is it possible that I am gay?

What does awkward mean?

Awkward means clumsy, inelegant. . Weird, odd kind of like a uncomfortable silence "awkward silence." Not knowing what it means is awkward :s

What does the ring around a cross mean?

The Christian cross with a ring around it is taken directly from the Pagan symbol of the zodiac. In Paganism the sun is always depicted in the center of the diagram. Hence, the ring represents the sun and the cross itself depicts the divisions of the four seasons.

What do you do if you like a guy and he likes you but you are awkward?

try to spend more time with him, the more time that you're around him, the more comfortable you'll feel. I felt the exact same way with a guy I recently liked. Be confident and dont feel pressured into doing anything. If he likes you, then he will like you for all of you not just the good parts

How do you not awkward around your bf?

Just act like hes one of your best friends. Joke around and have fun. Don't get to lovey dovey. Sometimes that makes things even more awkward Don't be shy and just be yourself!

What does it mean if a woman is attracted to gay guys?

Uhhh..... it doesn't really mean anything. Perhaps they are attracted to their personality or looks, and they find out they are gay after they are attracted to them. It is perfectly normal. It is like those t-shirts that say, "All the good ones are gay." In my opinion, it doesn't mean much.

How does an awkward guy show that he likes you?

Well, my bf is probably what you would call an awkward guy. Right before we started going out he would always talk to me ALOT, like we would sit there and talk for long periods of time until everyone else in our group of friends was gone, and then we started going off on our own and talking like thi ( Full Answer )

Awkward what does it mean?

Awkward means if something is un-usual or if something is just not right; or if it is not the same?

Why do your crush act awkward around you?

If your crush is acting awkward around you then they probably like you too and are shy. ^This is most commonly true but just try not to jump to conclusions immediately. Figure it out by making friends with him or her and of course, keep your poker face on.

Why a guy feels awkward around you?

He's twitterpated. He may be feeling things when around you that he doesn't fully understand. When he was younger he might have just hit you. Now he realizes that isn't right but isn't sure what is.. He feels a need to impress you but doesn't know how. Wonders if his attempts were noticed, if they ( Full Answer )

What does it mean for a guy to say you are cute innocent and socially awkward?

Well, maybe he means you're attractively adorable, innocent as in like; you're modest, which is good... cuz guys wouldn't want you to be snobs & a horrible bad chick... socially awkward like; you like to talk to people a lot, which is also good because you're open. Awkward... don't take it perso ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a snake is wrapped around cross?

Originally, it was one snake wrapped around a pole and was a symbol for Asclepius, a son of Apollo and Coronis, who was a healer or doctor in the Greek religion. It came from the fact that legend said he carried a staff that looked like the symbol. Later on, another snake was added around the Caduce ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a guy you like is awkward around you?

there could be a few reason! here is what i think!! 1. he knows you like him but doesnt feel the same way! 2. he likes you but doesn't know how to express that! 3. he could just be a awkward person! or could be that he doesnt like you at all =)

What does it mean when a guy is dazed around you?

It could mean many things as "dazed" is a fairly nebulous term. It could be that he has just seen a bright light and he needs time for his eyes to focus again. However, it could be that he is attracted to you and unable to relax or act normally with those feelings. It could be that he finds you repu ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a guy misses you when you are not around?

It usually means that he misses you. It depends on your relationship as to why that is. Perhaps he misses your friendship, or perhaps he misses the love of his life? If he's a co-worker or someone not involved and he said he missed you in a serious way, i'd guess he wants to be more serious to you t ( Full Answer )

Why are guys awkward around you after you tell them you like them?

He might not feel the same way. Because of this he might not want to lead you onto thinking that he likes you back so he doesn't act the way he used to. If that guy doesn't like you back, don't waste your time because there are so many fish in the sea.

How do you not be awkward around girls you like?

I know this may sound weird but try thinking about them almost like a guy instead of a girl you like so talk to them like you would your friends, have confidence, a joke but not the ones you get out of those books something like "you look like a connected person, you know any drug dealers?" but say ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when you get nervous around a guy?

Okay well this is a hard question to answer..... The first time this happend i went home and thought about who i was nervous around. Was i attracted to him?? Was it a person i was friends with? i answered yes to these things and it turns out did like him and guess what i was over my nervous spell an ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when the wrong guys are attracted to a girl?

it may mean that the girl is attracting the wrong type herself by what she is doing/saying or wearing. generally guys are attracted at first by the way the girl looks and if she is sending the wrong messages then the wrong guys will notice her more than the right guy

How do you hug a guy without awkwardness?

If you are taken on by the situation then it is the time you could hug your guy-friend. It is unnoticeable already at that point. You won't be able to feel that awkward feeling if you are close friends anyway.

Do guys like girls who are awkward?

most guys like girls when they are awkward but some guys are stuck up . Some may find it amusing. On the whole I'd have to say guys prefer girls who are at least comfortable in a social setting. Not necessarily outgoing. If the guy is awkward too, however, it might work out.