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Yes! Well maybe not so emphatically but yes nonetheless. I was with a girl, my first love, for 2.5 yeas and, very quickly we broke up. It was over something very petty but it happened at a time in my life where I was about to change back to my old summer job in my hometown. We broke up, I moved, saw old friends, had good times, totally dismissed her from my life. I felt as though our relationship had hardly even happened because I went back to the way things were before she came along. That was a 4 month summer job and since then I�ve moved on to have even more fun!

2013-02-28 01:36:14
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Q: If a guy is in a relationship for three years with his first love can he forget about her easily after they break up?
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Why it becomes impossible to forget first love?

Your first relationship and your first love is something you never forget. It's important to keep that memory even if it was bad or good. It was a first experience for many things. It can be hard to forget that special person, but just know that there will be more experiences.

What you have exceeded the break up of your first love?

eating, and watching tv. It is really hard and you try to forget them but cannot

Is it weird to miss your ex if you were the one to break up with him?

Not really,If you think about it ,you probably have a void.You spenall your time withthis person and now you are at a loose end.Just dont forget why you split up in the first place and it is hard to forget it when you break up with someone

Can any man tell you honestly if they really loved a girl in the past but she is not the first love to him did he easy to forgot her?

no they dont forget easily

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How do i break up your friends relationship?

To break up a friends relationship first off isn't the best thing to do considering they are your friend but if you don't want to be their friend then keep reading. To do it is very simple. Say to each of the people in the relationship that the other is going to break up with them so that they will break up with that person before. another way is to flirt with your friends other to win them over. I hope this was a help~!

Is it possible to forget your first love?

Very possible. You can forget your first love as you forget any other person.

Do you ever forget your first lesbian relationship after moving on to another lesbian relationship?

== No one ever forgets their first relationship. Whether the person is a lesbian, a gay male, a straight person, or a bisexual person, no one forgets their first relationship. Especially if this was your first love and/or first sexual relationship, it may take some time to fully get over it. Even though you are in a relationship with a new person, you probably still think about the other person for a while & this is normal. All people have trouble getting over their first relationship, because it is their first. Years from now, you will still remember & think of that first person from time to time, & it is perfectly natural.

Would a man in a relationship with 2 small children leave to be with you if he is the one flirting with you?

First of all, this relationship is absolutely not okay. I am assuming he is married, since you mentioned children, and the fact that he is flirting with you means that he is either unhappy with his mate, or he just likes to flirt with other women. He could easily leave the relationship to be with you, but be warned. If he could easily leave the relationship with this other woman to be with you, then he could easily leave you for another woman. I hope this serves as a warning to you.

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How do you get over break ups?

first try to forgive and forget, always be calm not aggressive cause that tends to happen. And remind yourself that it is not the end of the world.

Can you get a arrest that was dismissed expunged off of your record?

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What to do if a relationship becomes awkward?

optionsbreak upthink of why you dated them in the first place and have some fun.kill them (JK!)

What is meant by first degree relationship and second degree relationship?

I'm not entirely sure; I've never heard this saying before. But I imagine that it's like burns. If a relationship is 'first degree' it's easily healed if broken off and doesn't mean much. A second degree relationship is a burn you wouldn't want to get, though.

What does it mean when your boyfriend says I dont know if or how to go on with our relationship?

It means that he is going to most likely break up with you. Just agree with him and break up with him first. besides there are a lot of guys out there.

I have a friend every boyfriend or gf she has they are the first once who break up with her or end the relationship why do they break up with her?

It may just be a coincidence that her significant others always break up with her. It may also be that she doesn't feel comfortable breaking up with them when the relationship goes sour. The best way to find out is to talk to her past partners.

Can you completely forget your first language?

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How do you forget your love at first sight?

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How do you forget a guy?

first of all, it depends how old you are and how much you love or loved him. is he someone you were in a relationship before and something happened or you had a crush on him? this question isn't specific enough

How should you make your husband forget his first love?

That's a complex question. What happened to his "first love". If she died you may have a little trouble getting him to forget her. But that's normal and not necessarily a bad thing. If she just dumped him and he's still enamoured I suggest that he is not emotionally mature enough to be in a serious relationship.

How do you forgot your first love?

It is very hard to forget your first love, or any person who you have loved. Some people try to fall in love to forget their last lover but in my opinion the best thing to do is accept that you did love that person and move on. Instead of trying to forget learn from the mistakes you and your lover made and try to improve and use those lessons in your next relationship. If someone was your first love then that means you had good and bad memories. Learn from the bad and remember the good, don't try to forget part of your life.

If a man you love is in a relationship with his first love how can you make him fall for you and forget about her?

Sometimes you should accept the ability to love from a distance. If you love the person, then allow them to be happy with the person they love.

Is it normal to forget your first kiss?

No, it is not normal to forget your first kiss. Studies have shown that your first kiss is more memorable than losing your virginity.

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Is it legal for a 28 year old to have a relationship with a 17 year old in Illinois?

Its not legal. i would advise you to crush your relationship in the first few steps.......if you've gone further doesn't still have to break up.