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Depends on how much time he has on his hands. They say that men think about sex 98% of their day.I find that number to be a bit inflated because how can they focus on their jobs and other tasks for only 2%. In my opinion I think 40-50% would be more accurate unless they are an addict. To be in love with a woman takes time. Its infatuation right now. Love is cultivated and nutured over time and has many emotions with it. He should make the move and stop wondering.

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Is it common married men fantasize?

I think so, just like woman. Its normal when a person think or fantasize about something or someone, like daydream. But if your asking is it common, for a married man it will be not right. He supposed to think or fantasize his wife when they're together especially when they having intercourse.

What do woman fantasize about woman?

When you say fantasize about woman the obvious reason come to mind that woman know what other woman like and the other reason is actually a question what do guys fantasize about woman! And by the way I'm not gay!! This question is very open to personal preferance, its exactly the same attraction as a male-female fantasy. Some like the way they look, or how they act non-sexually, or the way they perform an action, sexual or not.

What is a woman called when she has a relationship with a married man?

A woman who is having a sexual relationship with a married man is often called his mistress. Sometimes a paramour.

What is the threat of emotional infidelity to a wife?

Most men to some degree will fantasize if they see an attractive woman and it is normal (just as some women fantasize about an attractive man) but, rule of thumb is 'look and don't touch.' When a man goes over that line and starts talking to the woman getting involved emotionally with her can be very dangerous and lead to a sexual relationship in some cases.

Only fantasized about women never slept with any Does that make you gay?

Depends if you are a woman or a man ! If a woman then maybe, if that is what you fantasize about. I a man then no !

Is Frank of American pickers married?

He is not married, but is in a relationship with a woman. It is often misreported that his is homosexual.

You think you visually cheated on your boyfriend?

Most men (all ages) look at an attractive woman and it is not cheating for a woman of any age to admire a handsome mind or even fantasize about them. It's normal and as long as one looks and does not touch it is not considered cheating.

When you think about a woman is she thinking about you?

Maybe...if you have a relationship of some kind. If she loves you then she probably is thinking about you.

Why do some men fantasize about getting a woman pregnant?

If it's a constant fantasy about many women, I don't know. But if it's intermittent or about someone in particular, the best answer I've found is that perhaps the man is feeling possessive of the woman (or wanting to possess her, if they have no relationship). It may be a way of subconsciously claiming or marking her.

What should a woman think if a man calls her everyday after 3 weeks of knowing?

He want you. It might be for sexual relationship or long term relationship.

How long do you have to be in a de facto relationship before the woman can lay claim to anything?

i think 18

Is it ok to be in a relationship with a guys that's in a relationship with another woman for over 17 years?

No, Not unless you are comfortable with the fact that you are playing a part in breaking up that 17 year old partnership. (Think how you would feel if you were the woman who has the 17 year old relationship).

Is it gay to for a straight man to fantasize about getting pounded in the arse by a woman with a strap on?

Absolutely not. It is only gay if he fantasizes about a man doing that.

Can a bisexual guy go with a bisexual girl?

Well, think about it. Man- Bisexual, so can have either man or woman. Woman-Bisexual, so can have either man or woman. The man can have a woman. The woman can have a man. Therefore, they can have a "straight" relationship.

How do you get a woman out of a bad relationship?

how do you get a woman out fo a bad relationship ? you don't when a woman get's upset sick and tired that's when she will wake up and relieve herself from her bad relationship.

Why do men want a new relationship right after a long term relationship?

Most men can't be without a woman. They say they can but think about it,his mother raises him up until he meets and marries his wife or moves in with a girlfriend,then if the relationship breaks up,they want a new relationship as soon as possible. It also has to do with sex too. Something new I guess. Woman and men are so differnet. How many woman do you hear say how beautiful they are or sing in the mirror about how pretty they are,not many,but men on the other hand do this often because they are vain. When a man is in a mid life crisis he always wants a younger woman to make him feel younger his self,they don't really realize or think they age like we woman do. At 40 men think woman are hags and don't want to date one his age,they still think they are studs at any age,they never realized this until a young girl calls them a old fart or a pervert,then they start seeing the age they really are.

I have been in a relationship for 7 months but more and more I am beginning to feel trapped and think I need time to myself. Am I wrong for feeling this way?

Although the man may feel loved by the woman, the man will often feel like he can do better or have more from being in the relationship, such as another woman. This could result in cheating due to the fact that the man feels like he already has the other woman so why not have another one?

I am in love with a married woman and have proposed but feel it is a relationship from last generation can I trust this feeling?

I don't think so

Can a Capricorn woman and a Leo woman relationship be good?


How does a woman dominate a man?

Domination is often a role-play in a relationship. Often the woman is dominated by the man, however ever since the promotion of equal rights and feminism the woman has been able to dominate the man. The woman is often weaker then a man so they do not dominate by physical force. The woman often makes a pact with the man who agrees to play the less dominate role, and this is to help the woman feel powerful and free when they face their relationship. When a woman dominates a man it is usually so they can do whatever they like. A dominate woman will tell the man when they want to go out, when they want to go shopping, when they want guests over, what they want for dinner, when they want the household chores finished etc. A dominate woman can also request for their partner not to make more money then themselves.

If I am black what kind of women should I marry?

The color of your skin has no relationship to the type of woman you are attracted to. Women are as varied as snowflakes, and there is one woman out there who will make you deliriously happy. Her color will not matter, nor will what others think of your relationship. So accept who you are; she will.

Did Jesus have any relationship with a woman?

Jesus did not have relationship with a woman, but he had relationship with women - mother Mary, the sick women that Jesus healed. Jesus and those women have strong relationship.

Did wonder woman have a relationship?

Yes, Diana Prince (wonder woman) had a relationship with her boss Steve Trevor the pilot.

What does an abusive man think when the relationship is over?

It purely depends upon the man (or woman!). Some may experience guilt of conscience, and some may not think twice.

When with a Woman how often should the Man be in control?

He is never in control. No matter how much women let them think they are