If a guy never calls you when he says he's going to but does call 3 days later is he just nervous and should you call him?


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August 31, 2005 8:04PM

Not so long ago it was really up to the guy to phone the girl, but now it's ping-ponging back and forth. It's acceptable for the girl to even ask someone out on a date. Sometimes this is a good thing, because many men are very shy and often lose out on dates because they just can't bring themselves to ask the girl they care about, and men aren't particularly clued-in to the signs women may give off and often they misunderstand the signals. In your case this guy is taking you for granted. You are a woman so be strong, and don't take anything less than what you give back. Meaning: If you are good to him and respect him, expect the same treatment back! Keep on dating and going out with your girlfriends, and don't be one of these young women that hangs off one guy and let's him walk all over you. The less you make yourself available to some types of men the more they want you. Good luck Marcy