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See if he tells you again and if he is laughing or snickering a lot

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You want to know if this guy likes me?

Girl just go up to him and say you like him if he says he does then say you were kidding then say you were kidding about that

How do you get a free car from the mall?

i dont think you can ........ :)i know, i was just kidding. :)

You think he likes you but he is with someone else How do you know if he likes you?

Just ask him. He will let you know with his mouth or his body language.

How do you make poisoned weapons in alchemy?

i think that it is a sun and a pie. hahahahahahahahaha just kidding i have know idea

What is the sum of 1 plus 74?

Omg I think I know! 73! Just kidding 75. :D

What if your friend tells you that a girl older than you likes you but when you ask if she likes you and she was joking what does that mean?

Well in your case, if an older girl says she likes you, then when you confront her and she says she was just kidding. Half the time she's. It kidding. She may not want to admit she likes someone younger than her herself. I know I've done that a couple times... But there's always that slight chance she may really be kidding. But it's HIGHLY unlikely.

Why would a girl older than you says she likes you and says she is just kidding and she does it a lot?

It sounds like she's flirting with you. Perhaps she likes you as a good friend or likes you as a boyfriend and is to scared to admit. I'm a girl, I should know.

How can you know that jessy mccarteny likes you?

you ask him or you email him or just think he does and maybe he will

How do you tell your friend their crush likes you?

just ease into it. start it off like" i think ______ is so cute, don't you?" just talk about him/her in a good way and say" you know, i think _______ likes me." .

How much vacation time does a marine biologist get?

how are we supposed to know;] just kidding' i think they get a total time of two months.

What do you do if you like a guy and he likes you back but he currently has a girlfriend?

Break them up!! Kidding kidding! Don't really do that! What you need to do is if you really think or know that this guy likes you back then don't rush it! If he really does like you then he'll break up with his girlfriend and go after you! If he doesn't then he's just not worth it. Everyone needs someone who will do anything for them and if he won't then find someone else! Hope this helps! Good Luck!

How do you know If someone likes you when you like them but they never look at you or talk to you?

In that case, you would just have to confront the person you think who likes you.

What is another word for senator?

i know ... just kidding

How do you know if a crush likes you back or if any guy likes you?

You will know if a guy likes you because he will ask you alot of questions and he will try to get to know you better,but don't think that just because he talks to you that he likes you,make sure that they are the right person!!!

Does elizabeth gillies like girls?

I don't know, i think she likes boys and girls. But that's just what I think.

Why do mosquitos keep biting me?

Hahaha. Maybe he/she likes your blood. lol. just kidding. Maybe, you have done something before they bites you. And what is that SOMETHING I really want to know?

What tools was used in ancient times as a lever?

Levers. Just kidding I don't actually know but I think they just used pieces of wood and stuff in Egypt.

How do you know your es likes you?

Well its simple if you want to know if someone likes u just tell by their faces if they keep looking at you and sometimes its tricky just because they dont listen or look at you the can prombaly think you dont know it.

What is equivalent to a centiliter?

11.12854 of course. just kidding i do not know

What is an example of quaternary industry?

It is stupid of you not to know that no i am just kidding

Does argon have weakness?

No. JUST KIDDING. I dont know. Hahahahahahh

How do you know Guy flirting?

He is probably just kidding lol :)

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