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okayy here it goes im not in the phase with the perverted mean things but im in the touching well here it goes he probaly is in to u the gusy that ar e perverted and has a girlfriend always cheacks me otu which probal ymeans he wants to do sumthin u noe alittle hot and sexy! :(.)(.)

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What does it mean when you tell a girl you like her and she says see how things go?

she dosent like you

What does it mean if a boy says bad things about you?

Umm, he doesn't like you.

What does the statement her words are like sugar mean?

It means that she says things very sweetly.

What does it mean when you ask a boy does he like you and he says he have feelings?

That means that he has feelings for you! Feelings like love, passion and things like that.

What does it mean when a boy talks about you a lot?

It depends on what he says. If it's something good, he likes you. If he says bad things, he doesn't like you.

What does it mean when a guy says he will turn you on?

It means that he wants to make sexual things with you like sex

What does it mean when a guy says nice rack to a girl?

It means he approves of their breasts. Depending on the guy and girl, it is either a great compliment or a perverted observation.

What does it mean when she says that she and a man like each other?

they would say really nice things to others

What does it mean when a guy says you're like me but you're older?

you have things incommon but you are more mature or you have things in common but you are literally OLDER than him

What does it mean when a boy says things to you when you walk pass him?

Depends on what type of things he's saying directly towards you, and how he acts when he says whatever he says. If it's joking, playfulness, romantic, perverted, or rude, there's a possibility he might like you (or think you're cute). But if he's in a bad mood and he insults you, I don't think he's really into you because if he was in a bad mood and he liked you, he'd probably let you know and apologize for how he's acting. If he's just friendly and does a small wave and a smile, it can be just a friend relationship.

What does it mean when a guy says he is going to call you but does not call?

Two things, either he doesn't like you or he just forgot.

What does it mean when someone says they feel like they are in a rut?

They feel stuck doing the same things over and over.

What does it mean when you tell a girl you like her and she says see how things pan out?

it means she is not interested but may consider your proposal

What does it mean if your guy friend asks you what kind of things you care about and you ask him what he means and he says things like people?

Maybe he's trying to find out who you like? Either for himself or a friend.

What do you do when your husband says mean and hurtful things to you but then says that he is really sorry but will continue to say hurtful things?

You can apply for divorce.

What does it mean when a guy says things you do are cute?

He likes you

What does it mean if a guy says he doesn't like you?

when a guy says that he doesn't like you it can mean many can mean that he really does like you, it can mean that he doesn't like you at all, it canalso mean that he just likes you as a friend and nothing more

What does romeo mean when he describes the moon as envious?

romeo says that the moon is envious because the moon was like the goddess of virgins and it is envious of Juliet's beauty. he then says "arise far sun and kill the envious moon for it is sick and pale with envy" he is saying that he wants to sleep with her. yes it is very perverted but if you studie the script a lot of it is.

When a guy says he needs time?

It can mean many things he likes you needs to no way else is in the world like what other chicks r and could mean he needs sPace from u and if he just doesn't want to hurt your fillings or he could like some other girl and still likes u but wants to see if he can get her it can mean many things it all depends on the way he says it or what words he says before or after or what jr talking about

If a friend says to the girl you like that you like her and she says nothing for a moment and she says that she is irresistible in a joke to the friend what does it mean does she like me back?


What it means when a Girl says you will get back to you?

if you mean "what does it mean when a girl says she will get back to you" then it means that she might be shocked by what you asked her. if its something like asking to a dance or something she might have other offers she may need to consider. if its on the phone when she says it it may just be she needs to get off the phone! there are so many things it could mean, but just wait and hopefully things will turn out for the best :)

What does it mean when girl says how sweetly you were talking on that day?

she means that u said sweet things to her like ur eyes are very beautiful or something like that

There is this guy you know who seems to like you as a friend but tells you weird things at random times like oh by the way you dont have a crush on anymore why is he doing this does he like like you?

Ask him why he says these things to you or when he says something ask him at that moment what he means and why he says such things. He may be nervous and not quite sure what to say to you and possibly does like you.

How do you make your mom like you?

do what she says and treat her nice. do things for her nice things.

What does it mean if a boy says mean things about a girl when she isn't there?

that basically means he dosent like you so just pass on with this Boy and go one with your life okay :)

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