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About 90 percent of the time, yes. I would think so! Someone picks on me in a fun way, too! He likes me!

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Your a sixth grader you like a boy in your switch clas and he teases you all the time and trys to get close to you but you think he is a flirt does he like you?

I am in your situation just let go of him if he trips you hurts you or makes fun of you let him go but if he does nice fun teasing he digs you :) hope that helps

What should you do if your boyfriend teases you?

Well, My guy friend teases me and I tease him back, but it is all in good fun.If he is really hurting your feelings, have a serioustalk with him. Tell him sternly "I don't like it when you tease me, please, stop!"If he continues, it maybe a good time to end the relationship.But if it is in good fun, tease him back, tease him about past crushes or embarrassing moments, but don't go over board.

How do you know that a 12 age guy likes you?

if he teases alot at you, or if he stares at you repeatedlyYou can usually tell if he is really imature and he makes fun of you all the time and always annoys you on purpose.

How do you know boys really like you?

From my experience...the boy either teases you or makes fun of you. Other times the boy is really sweet.

If your guy friend teases you and makes fun of you all the timetries to copy youand tries to make you hit him what does that mean?

Means he's a bit of a jerk

How do you tell if guy likes you or just teases you for fun?

if a guy likes you he would want you to hang out with him and be alone with him but if he teases you u would know it of his attitude and the way he treats you and if he teases you he would tell his friends rumors and i hope you find out if he likes or not=s

Why does charlie scene hate da krulzz?

He doesnt, he just teases Da Kurlzz for fun.

What does it mean if a guy tries to get your attention and then when he has it he teases you and tries to annoy you does he like me or is he just being a jerk?

When a guy teases a girl a lot, or tries to make fun of the girl, it means he secretly holds fire of love for the girl, and since he loves reaction from the girl, he lives for the moment when she can bestow it on him.

What does Lexus look like?

she is an odd type and short but very fun and happy all the time.

If you physically fight with a guy all the time in a fun way does he like you?

Probably. but it depends on how thay do it to .

Do teachers have fun?

I think all teachers can have fun! but i think they get upset with students all the time!

Are cheese strings good for you?

Like candy and chocolate, they are fun to eat sometimes but you should eat them all the time.

What does an adult watching cartoons all the time have to do with acting like a child?

It isn't, if people are saying this to you then they are making fun of you.

Where can you have a good fun time at?

u basically can have fun all the time just make sure u do not get into trouble!!

What do you do if you like someone and he teases you but you don't know if he likes you?

Sometimes when a boy teases you he could possibly be flirting with you in a fun way. It depends on whether your instincts tell you it is a case of bullying or if he is just playing around. The best thing to do would be to respond in the same manner and judge his reactions. And always, watch his facial expressions. They should give you an idea of whether he likes you or not.

What do i got to do to become a rapper like Soulja Boy?

just make beats like him on FL Studio (beats software). It's really easy and fun. I do it all the time. It has all the instruments he used to make his first album. just make beats like him on FL Studio (beats software). It's really easy and fun. I do it all the time. It has all the instruments he used to make his first album.

Are there other sites like millsberry?

yes there is. there is club penguin. i play on club penguin all the time. it is free and it is fun.

You like him you do run at running clud all the time you talk all the time and are always laughing and having fun you talk one on one and you like him but does he like you?

just b friends a close friend is better than a bf give it some time he might change his mind

What does Aaliyah like to do in her free time?

Aaliyah like to dance sing and have fun during her free time.

What did James K. Polk like to do for fun?

Polk did not spend time having fun. He liked to spend his time working.

What do you do when a boy you like picks on you all the time?

He probably likes you too.. Tell him you like him... If he makes fun of you for that tell him your serious and ask if he likes you back... If he doesn't and he makes fun of you for it than tell a teacher that he's bullying you...

What should you do theres a guy who you like that lives at your house but he makes fun of you all the time?

you may take it as him picking on you aall the time but he may think he is flirting with you

Should you be a good girl all the time?

No where is the fun it that?

Do people dance for fun?

Yes they do it all the time

What do gothicsdo for fun all the time?

well they cut